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Ovation: Sugar-Free Slurpees!


When I was young, there was a small market in my hometown named White Hen Pantry.  It was close enough to be a destination whenever we went on a “bike ride” and they had a ICEE machine.  It was a big deal back then to enjoy a frozen Coke.  Like today, they were served in a paper cup with a domed lid that had a hole in the center for a straw.  There were usually two flavors from which to choose … cola and cherry … and those who were really adventurous would request a “mix”.

Eventually, 7-Eleven entered into a licensing agreement with the ICEE Company to sell the product under two certain conditions.  First, 7-Eleven would have to use a different name for the drink and, second, the company was only allowed to sell the product in 7-Eleven locations throughout the United States.  7-Eleven later sold the product that became known as the “Slurpee” … named for the sound made when drinking them.

When I got my first job, there was a 7-Eleven across the street and on our breaks, or on the way home, my co-workers and I would stop for a Slurpee.  On really hot days, we would get a Slurpee Big Gulp.  By then, there were several flavors from which to choose and none of them were very healthy.  They were loaded with sugar and tons of calories.

Now, decades later, 7-Eleven is rolling out a product that seems overdue … a sugar-free Slurpee.  The company says that it has spent two years coming up with the formula for it’s new Fanta Sugar-Free Mango for one reason … customer demand.

 “We worked at that formula for two years, trying to nail the right attributes of the Slurpee. Not just the taste. But you need to have Slurpee all the way to the bottom of the cup, not just water and ice.” – Slurpee Spokeswoman.

The cost for the sugar-free Slurpees will be the same as a standard Slurpee but, while a regular Slurpee may contain 66 calories for 8 ounces, the diet equivalent is only 20 calories.

Cost will be the same as a standard Slurpee. Formulas may differ, but for example the Fanta Wild Cherry is 66 calories for 8 ounces. The diet equivalent is 20 calories. It will be available at all participating 6,700 7-Elevens in the U.S.  According to 7-Eleven literature, each year Americans drink enough Slurpees to fill forty-four Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Soon they’ll be able to fill those pools at a fraction of the calories.

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  1. We had the cola and cherry Icees growing up as well, but I would have NEVER thought to mix the two. Do you remember the coupons you could cut out of the side of the cup? I think if you collected twenty of them, you could get a free Icee. I felt like I had REALLY accomplished something if I earned a free Icee.


  2. i still stop once in awhile for a large coke slurpee yummm


  3. I hope the sugar free variety doesn’t have that awful aftertaste of diet drinks. We had the most wonderful flavor of Slurpees up here for a while = pear, apple, plum. It was to die for!


  4. I remember White Hen Pantry! I used to buy my “Easy-Wider” rolling papers there! 🙂


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