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Ovation: Couple Wears Matching Clothes Every Day For Thirty-Five Years.


Years ago, it was rather trendy for young lovers to dress alike on outings to amusement parks or other destinations as a sign of solidarity.  “We are a couple!  You can SEE that we belong together!”

It’s true, what they say about couples that have been together for a long time.  They do tend to finish one another’s sentences.  They get tired at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning.  It’s understandable that, after sharing a routine for decades, the two individuals become one larger unit.  I think that’s how it should be.  When you’re perfectly suited for each other, there’s no reason that you can’t be together all of the time.  And, apparently, no reason that you can’t dress alike.

Joey and Mel Schwanke of Fremont, Nebraska have been together for sixty-five years and they’ve been wearing matching outfits for the last thirty-five.  They say that they wear clothing that matches to “enhance” their relationship.

The couple owns and operates a successful flower shop in Fremont and, consequently, spend twenty-four hours each day together.  They say that dressing alike is their unique way of expressing their love.

The two have one hundred forty-six custom-made matching outfits that they store in a specially made closet in their home.  Usually, Mel’s tie is an exact match of Joey’s dress and she typically gets the honor of selecting their wardrobe each day.  They’ve been dressing alike for so long that they don’t remember when it started.

Talk about solidarity!  I wonder how they dressed for the first thirty years that they were together?

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  1. My wifey hates the idea of matching clothes! One time while we were dating, I unintentionally wore a t-shirt that was the same color as her dress, and I had to go and buy a replacement t-shirt at that very moment!


  2. Roly permalink

    No way am I wearing a shirt like that. I don’t care how much I love her 🙂


  3. Years ago…..and I mean YEARS….a female friend and I met for lunch on a weekend. it was kind of drizzling out so we were both wearing coats.
    But, upon removing said coats, it was revealed that we were both wearing….waitforit……it’s sad….Mickey Mouse t-shirts.
    The waitress looked at my friend and said, “I can’t get my boyfriend to dress like me.”
    My friend said, “He’s not my boyfriend.”
    I said, “I’m queer, dear.”
    And that was the last time I wore any kind of T that had a picture, design, or saying.


  4. wcdameron permalink

    Very sweet. Paul and I used to borrow each other’s clothes until one of us went up in weight and the other went down. I am not saying who went where….


  5. Rick permalink

    I LOVE this!! Not that I want to do it, but I think it’s very sweet. I’m sure they “belong” together.


  6. Tim permalink

    I think its time you and the G start wearing matching clothes.


  7. Will J permalink

    But Sister Mary-Margaret and Sister Bridget have been wearing the same outfits for years. You don’t suppose it means…. :-0


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