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Ovation: Free The “Cleaning Fairy” And Send Her My Way!


I never got an allowance as a child, but I never wanted for anything either.  I had very few household chores and my responsibilities were minimal.  As long as I made my bed every day and didn’t leave dirty clothes thrown about, I was considered “tidy” and all was well.  Our house was a split-level ranch in a quiet suburban neighborhood.  It was a safe neighborhood and everyone looked out for each other.  But, when the neighborhood was still under construction, vandals broke into our new home.

The front door had glass panels up and down each side and the vandals broke one, reached inside and opened the front door.  From that day forward, I’ve always been sure the deadbolt on the inside of my doors requires a key.  Fortunately, that’s the closest to a home invasion that I’ve ever come.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind if a “Cleaning Fairy” let herself in a few times each month.

Earlier this week, Susan Warren also known as the “Cleaning Fairy”, was taken into custody.  Susan, apparently, prides herself on breaking into your house and then cleaning up after you.  She even leaves her name, phone number, and a bill for her services when she trespasses.  Susan doesn’t like a messy house, even if it’s not hers, and has been accused of breaking into many homes in her Ohio community, cleaning people’s kitchens, and then leaving her contact information and a bill for her unsolicited work.

Authorities have stated that, while a family recently slept, she allegedly broke in, cleaned their coffee cups, vacuumed their floor, took out the garbage, and left a bill for $75.00.  Other area residents report that they, too, have come home, or woken up, and found their kitchens cleaned by the “Cleaning Fairy”.  While Susan has never stolen any items from the homes that she cleans, she has admitted that she breaks into houses to clean because she is desperate for money.  Regardless of her intentions, what she’s been doing is still a crime.

I hate housework … I’d rather muck two stalls than sweep one floor … so I’d probably welcome the “Cleaning Fairy” into my home.  It appears that she does a good job, she’s very quiet and her rates are relatively reasonable.

UPDATE 11/02/12 – Susan Warren pleads guilty to attempted burglary.

UPDATE 01/24/13 – ‘Cleaning Fairy’ arrested for shoveling strangers’ driveways!

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  1. mary i permalink

    I too hate house work,but this is just a little creepy to me. Tell me how that family could sleep through a vacuum running???


  2. She’s the opposite of a hoarder. Maybe we’ll be seeing her on her own reality show – I’d probably watch it. (And thank you so much for the Friday follow!)


  3. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear something like this… Lol – Maybe you should hire her. I wonder if someone gave her a live-in maid paid position, whether she would still break into other houses and clean them? Unless she is trolling for a reality show, I’ll bet that she’d still do it, even if she had the live-in position and wasn’t desperate for money. I could be wrong, but this sounds like obsessive compulsive behavior.

    I’m sitting here just imagining how totally incredulous I’d be, if I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of vacuuming, and then I saw Susan vacuuming our carpets. I’d have to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming! Lol 😀


  4. Will J permalink

    The only Cleaning Fairy I know about is me — and I’m very unreliable.


  5. I need a cleaning Fairy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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