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Diatribe: Woman Gets High And Drives Off With Her Baby On The Roof Of Her Car.


Mornings can be really hectic.  The logistics of getting a family ready to start their day, dressed and fed and out the door on time, can be overwhelming.  We all have our special routines that work under our specific circumstances.  If you’re like me, skipping a step or forgetting one item can ruin your entire day.  For example, if I forget to wear my ring, I feel naked all day long.  And Heaven forbid I forget my wallet!

For many people, a cup of coffee is a big part of their morning routine.  I used to bring a travel mug filled with coffee to drink in the car on my way to the office.  One time, as I loaded my bags and other items required for a day away from home, I set my coffee on the roof of the car while I got organized.  In my never-ending quest to not be late, I absent mindedly drove off forgetting all about the coffee on the roof.  It wasn’t until I returned home that evening and found my travel mug in the driveway that I even realized what I had done.

On Saturday, a marijuana-smoking woman was arrested in Phoenix after she accidentally drove away with her five-week-old son in a car seat on the roof of her car.  The baby fell off the car in the middle of an intersection and was found unharmed and strapped into the seat.  The nineteen-year-old mother was booked into jail on child abuse and aggravated assault charges and the baby was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and was released into the custody of state Child Protective Services.

Apparently, the woman and her boyfriend had been smoking marijuana in a park when they left with the baby to buy beer.  Officers stopped the car and the boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.  She was so upset about the arrest that she drove to a friend’s home and smoked more pot.  When she left the friend’s house later that night, she set her sleeping baby, asleep in the car set, on top of her car and drove off.  She didn’t realize that the baby was missing until she arrived at home.

It’s true, in an absent-minded fog many of us have inadvertently left something on the roof of our cars and hurried on our way.  Coming home to a travel mug in the driveway is comically insignificant compared to a baby in a car seat in the middle of an intersection.  She can kiss any Mother of the Year awards good-bye.

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  1. mary i permalink

    I too have done the”coffee-mug” thing. While I am not against the use of—– This is a very sad story. Coffee mug might mess up your day, This move is going to mess up her life. On the other hand she might learn from this and become a more aware person/mom.(one can hope)…


  2. Interesting that she needed a license to drive–and we see how she does that–but needs no license to be a parent.


  3. A very sad story, but at least the baby wasn’t injured or worse. About 10 years ago here in the greater Boston area where I live, a father in his mid 30s, who seemed to be a respectable type, left his baby in a car seat on the roof of his car, and drove off from the parking lot of a store. Neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor. Just as in this story, the baby was unharmed, but was seen by horrified drivers in the middle of a very busy overpass where cars and trucks drive at speeds of 40 mph.

    But there was a certain detail in this story that made it very ironic as well as scary. The father’s nearly disastrous memory lapse involving his baby… happened on MOTHERS DAY.

    I’ve often wondered if he and his wife are still married.


  4. Here at my store, we had a mom put her new born on the table, order her ice cream, then leave without the baby. My employee ran outside to stop them. Crazy….You’d think that would be the one thing you didn’t forget. LOL


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