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Ovation: Andrew De Leon – Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover.


Have you ever met a little dog that was just so cute and adorable that you wanted to reach out and stroke its fur?  Scratch it behind the ears and smell its puppy breath?  Only to be met by a scathing growl, bark or attempted chomp?  Looks can be deceiving in so many ways.

But what about a man who looks like Marilyn Manson but sings like an angel?  Television favorite, America’s Got Talent, showcased a young man during its Austin audition episode who looked every bit the punk rocker … black leather, dog collars, spiked bracelet and creepy contact lenses and all.  The nineteen-year-old, Andrew De Leon, indicated that he has always felt alienated and out-of-place yet he taught himself to sing, unbeknownst to his parents, and brought the audience to their feet with his unexpected performance.

His operatic performance was more than unexpected … it was wonderful.  The reaction from the audience and the judges alike was extraordinarily positive.  I imagine his parents were very proud of his performance.

But how did they not know that he could sing?  If he’d been practicing in his bedroom all his life, surely they would have heard him at some point.  Was that really the first time anyone had heard him sing?  Surely, there were producers, casting professionals, editors, sound technicians and some sort of rehearsal before the audition.  Hmmm … I wonder.

Never judge a book by its cover.

What do you think?

UPDATE:  Andrew was eliminated from the America’s Got Talent competition during the 06/26/12 broadcast.

UPDATE 08/21/12: Andrew returned for the Wild Card Round and the judges approved!

UPDATE 08/22/12: Andrew moves on to the Semi-Final Round!

UPDATE 08/29/12: Andrew was eliminated from the competition.

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  1. The voice definitely doesn’t fit the packaging.

    And i love that!


  2. :’) That just makes me so happy!


  3. anne marie in philly permalink

    just like susan boyle!


  4. I watched this the other day as well. A great surprise as to how great he did. But the skeptic in me said the same thing. Someone had to know he sang like this. Someone had to over hear him. However, he still was awesome!


  5. Luke in LA permalink

    Everyone who goes on the tellie has been screened by producers multiple times before that performance. So, at the least he did perform for the producers, who then probably pushed him to maintain the line that he’d never performed in front of anyone – which very well could have been true before coming to the show. And I would think the show wouldn’t want him saying, “well, I did perform a few times in the past few weeks for your producers, so I guess somebody’s heard me sing now.” That would just be lame and unnecessary. Besides, the producers also likely won’t say anything about how good or not someone is, just that they’ve advanced.

    I speak from a little experience, having auditioned for a couple of these types of shows. Yes, the storyline is contrived, but he’s a real person who is likely telling his story accurately, even if the show’s contribution in it is to hype up the drama.


  6. Yes, he can sing. Yes, some of the story has to be contrived. That takes a lot of practice, and yes someone heard him at some point. Now, did he technically, physically get up in front of someone? Maybe not, but someone did HEAR him. It is so obvious, the producers ought to be embarrassed.


  7. mary i permalink

    I am very late in putting in my Wow!!! Never ever read a book by its Cover. This young man has a future. His range and vocals are just incredible for one that that is self taught…


  8. I don’t watch this show so this was a big surprise for me! Wow!


  9. “Ovation: Andrew De Leon – Dont Judge This Book By Its
    Cover. DiatribesAndOvations” ended up being a good article and also
    I actually ended up being pretty happy to read the article. Thanks
    a lot-Ashli


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