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Ovation: Uncle Classic Barbershop.


Unless you count the six weeks in 1970 when the “natural fro” popularized by Mac Davis was in fashion, I’ve never had a stylish haircut in my entire lifetime.  I’m one of those people whose hair has a life of its own.  I was born blonde and, eventually, grew to have brown hair.  My beard, such that it is, grows in a plethora of different colors and textures.  I haven’t had a part in my hair since I was a young boy and my mother was able to slick everything down with Brylcreem.

Mac Davis and his stylish “Natural Fro”

I’ve never had a “good hair day”.

Not in the 1970s when everyone, even men, used blow dryers.

In the 1980s, when everyone else was using “mousse”, I looked like I used “squirrel”.

I couldn’t even wear the popular “scruffy” look in the 1990s because I couldn’t fill in all the facial blanks.

Finally, in 2000 when I bought a convertible, I decided that I would wear what has traditionally been called a “crew cut”.  Every six weeks since then, I’ve gone to a Supercuts or a Great Clips and requested ”two on the side and four on top” … A completely functional haircut but not at all stylish by any definition of the word.

And then, just this week, I found Uncle Classic Barbershop.  Uncle is a full service barbershop offering men’s and boy’s haircuts, straight razor shaves and men’s color services.  I made an appointment and showed up on time, not knowing exactly what to expect.

The experience was quite relaxing.  The shop’s décor was more like that of a day spa than a barber shop and the overall operation was incredibly organized.  At Uncle, they allow thirty minutes for each haircut, and the barbers are paid by the hour, so there is no feeling of being rushed.  The pressure to hurry because the next customer is sitting in a plastic chair by the window waiting for their turn does not exist and the barbers can take their time, give you a superior haircut and make certain that you’re satisfied.

The gentleman that cut my hair, James, was a very likeable fellow who clearly knew what he was doing.  He made me feel so at ease that I allowed him to use a hot towel and straight razor to “trim up my neck”.  Yes … I let a stranger near my throat with a sharp razor blade.  I trust Uncle.

I paid a little more than I’ve been paying for “two on the side and four on top” but it was money well spent.  And now that I’ve found Uncle, instead of a lingering dread, I’m looking forward to my next haircut.  I figure, since I can’t get a haircut that’s stylish, I might as well get a my hair cut at a place that makes me feel special.

Do you have a local barber shop?  If you haven’t already, why not give them a try?  You, too, might be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. A good short haircut is never out of style.


  2. I get my haircut at a “Sports Clips” it’s OK…. I just can’t justify paying a lot for something twice a month.


  3. Roly permalink

    My barber is my wife. Number 2 from chin to bald patch on top. 🙂


  4. As a woman, I will travel quite a ways to visit my hairdresser even though I have moved into the city. You just can’t let anybody cut your hair. My hubby goes to the neighborhood barber shop & gets a buzz, in between he asks me for trims, but it’s not easy & I prefer he go professional.


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