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Diatribe: Baby Soaps That Test Positive For Marijuana.


My life has been blessed, in the last year, with many babies.  They’re all so cute and, for such tiny people, they have huge personalities.  And they smell wonderful.  I don’t know what it is about babies that makes them smell so perfect and innocent, but someone needs to bottle the fragrance and market it to adults.  So clean and wonderful …

Unfortunately, it appears that some of the soaps that make newborns smell so special may also cause them to test positive for marijuana on some newborn screening tests.  In a recent study, urine samples that contained minute amounts of five baby soaps (Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, J&J Bedtime Bath, CVS Night-Time Baby Bath, Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Wash Shampoo) gave a positive result on a drug screening test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana.  While the soaps don’t produce a “high” or any other effects of marijuana in infants, screening tests that indicate a baby has been exposed to marijuana can lead to the involvement of social services or even accusations of child abuse.

Researchers aren’t sure why these baby soaps cause the positive test results but it appears that some of the compounds in the soaps have a structure that is partly similar to THC.  Some believe that chemicals in these soaps might actually change the way the test works.  The tests could also be showing positive results simply because some residual soap on the babies’ skin is washing off into their urine samples.

I’m pretty sure that sniffing babies won’t become a problem akin to sniffing glue, but the little ones sure do smell good to me and could become addictive!

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  1. Ha ha! You just can’t make this stuff up can you?


  2. No wonder some of those shampoos help babies sleep!


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