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Diatribe: The Supermarket Is No Place For Animals.


I have a dog and I love her to death.  She greets me when I return from the office at the end of a long day with love and kisses and, I swear, a big smile on her face.  She keeps me company when I do yard work, cuddles with me while I watch television and she gives me kisses (licks!) entirely too often.  She’s a wonderful “animal companion”, “domesticated animal” and “house pet”.

With few exceptions, I always walk her on a leash both because we have leash laws in our community and because she’s so black that I can’t see her at night.  One exception occurs each afternoon when I get home from the office.  As soon as the door to her playroom is opened, she runs as fast as her short little legs will carry her down the driveway toward the mailbox.  But then hurries back to me to “give me sugars”!

I would love to bring her with me everywhere that I go.  But, there are many places where it is simply inappropriate to bring an animal.  In my opinion, one such place is a supermarket.  In fact, in many communities it is against local ordinances to bring a pet into a grocery store.

Several times in recent weeks I’ve seen people with dogs in the supermarket.  They, clearly, were not “service animals” … they were foofy little puffballs that “mommy” didn’t want to leave at home or in the hot car.  Some were on leashes, others were carried and one was actually riding in the child seat in the front of the buggy where countless babies and their accompanying germs have ridden before.

I like to think that grocery stores are clean and sanitary.  I watch employees scrub and hose the produce section, the butcher is constantly working to keep his area clean and the seafood guys have really got their work cut out for them.  But all of the effort to keep the store clean to insure that quality healthy merchandise is on display is negated when an animal comes through the door.  They have germs … animal germs … and they lick things, and they step in things and they chew things and they slobber.  In the store … where you buy your food.

Yes, they’re members of our families.  But they’re members of our families that should, generally, be left at home.  Both for their safety and in consideration of others I believe that animals should not be allowed in supermarket.  Today it’s a foofy little puffball but tomorrow it could be a boa constrictor, a monkey or a skunk.  The supermarket is no place for animals.

Do you bring your pet with you when you shop for groceries?

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  1. No, and I’m surprised the supermarket allows it.
    I might shop somewhere else.


  2. Rene permalink

    I find this particularly annoying, as I’ve known a few people in my lifetime who had service animals. Even with indications that the dog was a service animal, they endured a certain amount of grief/stares/comments. It is similar to the abuse that some people take when they have handicapped tags but no obvious disability. Just because it isn’t obvious, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. “Fefe” should not be in the supermarket. But service animals deserve our utmost respect.


  3. It’s surprising those stores allow dogs of any kind inside. Now that I think about it, I once saw a lady who had two yorkshire terriers in a baby cart seat in her cart. Actually I never thought about it being unsanitary. I guess because they were confined. But I’ll you what, I know exactly the first thing MY dog would do if I took it in the grocery store! 😀


  4. mary i permalink

    No I do not. My little “Casey” stays at home on grocery trips, she gets to go riding at other times.


  5. I could not afford the bill if I took my black lab into the store with me. If you cannot leave the animal at home, use a delivery service.


  6. I agree with you about this. I have a cat, so the question is moot. She doesn’t like to leave the house, so it would be miserable for us both – and others.


  7. justajeepguy permalink

    I’m a retail District Manger and have also worked in supermarkets. The dogs that people bring with them into stores are usually cleaner and better behaved then many humans. Animal feet go everywhere human shoes go so they both track the same stuff. Dogs rarely get sick and have different germs than humans – how many times has a human parent put their diaper clad baby on a countertop or table (one of my DM jobs was Carters/Osh Kosh)? How many humans go to the supermarket and touch everything when they have the flu, colds or pinkeye? Fail to cover there mouths when they sneeze or cough? Wash their hands after going to the bathroom or even scratching their skin or scalp? Okay, I getting phobic here.

    I’m not saying that everyone should bring their dogs everywhere, that they don’t have accidents but I am saying they probably more sanitary then the humans who try on jeans when free balling and then put the jeans that don’t make their ass look perfect back on the shelf – yes I worked in men’s high end clothing and at speedo stores.


  8. Good point, JAJG. Hadn’t thought about it that way. Gross about the jeans!


  9. Roly permalink

    Dogs are not children even if we treat ours as if they were. Dogs have legs to walk on and should not be carried all over the show 🙂


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