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Ovation: David Letterman And Justin Bieber’s “Sixteenth Chapel”.


I’m not a big fan of Justin Bieber and I’m not a big fan of tattoos.  I am, however, a fan of David Letterman.  Back in my college days I would watch Late Night with David Letterman while I studied late into the night.  I remember thinking that his humor was “edgy” and his personality was genuine.  Some talk show hosts seem to serve only as moderators between celebrities making appearances to sell their latest book, album, television program or movie but always Letterman helped them to be entertaining at the same time.

On Thursday’s The Late Show, Justin Bieber was Letterman’s guest.  Bieber’s latest CD, Believe, had just been released and Letterman aimed his humor at his young guest’s newest tattoo with fun results.

I enjoyed Letterman’s banter and Bieber’s mention of the “sixteenth chapel”.  I think today’s The Late Show is just as fun and topical as Late Night with David Letterman was all those years ago.

I don’t understand Bieber’s appeal but I certainly understand Letterman’s.  Who do you find more appealing?

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  1. I like Letterman too. Don’t get to watch him that often. If I can stay awake that late, I have to endure Leno, as hubby can’t stand Letterman.. I can’t stand Leno. But we all must make concessions. I don’t like the fact that he seems to repeat his jokes in his monologue and the stunt he pulled with Conan.


  2. No contest.
    But I am also not a fourteen-year-old girl.

    PS As the proud owner of six tattoos, I must say i love a good tat.


  3. that was pretty good.. Love the title after watching the clip… LOL


  4. Peggy permalink

    I like Bieber, and I am senior citizen, but then, I’m Canadian, eh, and he’s a local boy. I used to like Letterman, too, but lately he seems to just be mean and trying to take cheap pot shots at his guests. What’s really in that coffee mug, Dave? Hope Justin never graces your stage again – he doesn’t need you.


  5. Please don’t take your cues from Justin Bieber on the quality of Canadian schools OMG, I’m almost embarrassed to be Canadian! 16th Chapel?


  6. Carrie permalink

    Letterman…hands down. Go Dave!


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