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Diatribe: Guest Post! A Letter To A Girl Who Won’t Take A Hint.


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced a one-sided affair.  We’ve all known someone who just won’t take the hint.  We try to spare their feelings but they just won’t listen.  So we become a bit more blunt … a little nastier … hoping that they’ll back away.  But they don’t.  Feeling that there is no other option, we often lash out in anger and frustration and we just get really mean.

My First Diatribe,



I can only imagine the nightmare that Pat has experienced.  Many people, myself included, believe that writing down your thoughts is very therapeutic and it can be very healing to write a letter, put your anger on paper, and seal the envelope only to tuck it away and never actually mail it.  But, for Pat, submitting a guest post to DiatribesAndOvations could be just the therapy that is required.

UPDATE:  Less than twenty hours after the letter was posted, Pat wrote to request that it be removed “as soon as possible.  The purpose of that writing isn’t to insult, offend or bully.”   While Pat may have felt harassed, the letter appears to have served a therapeutic purpose after all.  (Thank you to those who commented.)  Ds&Os wishes Pat all the best and hopes that closure has been found regarding this matter.

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  1. Wow. Just…. wow.


    • The decision to share Pat’s letter was not an easy one. Regular readers will recognize that the content of Pat’s letter is far from what is generally found here inasmuch as it is, basically, hateful, and this blog does not sanction bullying of any kind. Hopefully, Pat’s letter will illicit therapeutic comments from readers.


  2. Rene permalink

    What an abhorrent letter! Writing these thoughts down, sealing the envelope, and burning it is a vastly different course of action than publishing it on an ever-increasingly read blog site. Be an adult and tell the girl that you are not interested. Be specific about the behaviors that you do not like. Do not tell her that she is ugly. Do not tell her that she is a hog. Do not vilify her physical and personality traits. Be a grown-up. Be kind. Be a human being who has a single iota of compassion. As I read this letter, I pictured a bunch of twelve-year-olds on a bus in New York. It was absolutely horrible and disgusting. This letter says more about the writer than it says about “ugly girl.” None of what it says is good.

    I am disappointed. This blog is better than this.


  3. “I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced a one-sided affair.”

    I haven’t.

    I can’t imagine how trapped you’d have to feel to attack someone in the manner written above. I suggest saying this to her instead: “i am not interested in you. i don’t think we have anything in common, and i’d rather not have any further contact with you. your continued efforts to get my attention are making me very uncomfortable. please leave me alone.”

    “you’re ugly and stupid” ??? really??? sounds like elementary school.


  4. Rene permalink

    Thank you D’s & O’s for allowing us to have this very important discussion. This letter from “Pat” is filled with bully language. He comments on the girl’s personal appearance. He overtly states that she should have never been born. As a society, we must address this ever-growing concern. As individuals, we must call it when we see it. This is bullying, plain and simple.


  5. Roly permalink

    Never have experienced a one sided affair but I think the written word can be quite vicious because you can’t read facial expressions and or body language. It is also easier to write this sort of letter than it would be to face the person and say it. Seems that Pat is a bully from a distance and probably would be quite different when face to face.


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