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Ovation: Hockey Coach Faces Charges For Tripping Opposing Team’s 13-Year-Old Player.


I’ve been to my share of sporting events.  Throughout my high school and college years many games were all but mandatory for those of us involved in the band programs.  The “pep band” was an extra-curricular, volunteer, group that was never really a volunteer association at all.  Everyone took pride in the ensemble and wanted the group to sound its best at every performance.  This generally meant that everyone always had to be there.

I remember hauling books with me so that I could do homework in the bleachers at basketball games always mindful of space so that I could quickly set my studies aside to play the “fight song” should our team score.  Memories of miserably freezing at end-of-season football games wishing the half-time program would begin so that I could go inside to warm up stay with me to this day.

Later in life, I found myself spending time in the bleaching cheering for the children in my life.  I would run from one diamond to another as they children played baseball in two different games at the same time.  I spent countless weekends at basketball tournaments seated in uncomfortable bleachers.  We went to so many soccer games that we kept our folding chairs in the trunk of our car so we wouldn’t forget them.

At all of these games there were disagreements.  Sometimes the players would fight amongst themselves.  Occasionally, a coach would have words with an official.  Overly enthusiastic parents in the audience would frequently get rowdy and excited.  But the adults never hurt the kids.

Last Saturday, in a Vancouver youth hockey game, a coach was arrested and faces a police investigation for tripping a thirteen-year-old boy on the opposing team during an after-game handshake line.

The coach, Martin Tremblay, seen in the video above, appears to have sought out a specific player from the opposing team to trip and point out as he hit the ice.  Police say that the boy suffered minor injuries to his forearm and wrists when he braced himself as he fell to the ice.  Charges will be forwarded at a later date, pending the results of the investigation.  Hopefully, the consequences will fit the crime and show the young athletes that good sportsmanship is the only way to play.

Tremblay’s unsportsmanlike conduct is particularly surprising considering his team won.

UPDATE 02/28/13Hockey coach Martin Tremblay sentenced to 15 days in jail for tripping opposing team’s player.

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  1. Sometimes you just can’t find words…


  2. Anonymous permalink

    We live in a nation of over 3oo million people. If only 0.1% are idiots, that’s 300,000 idiots out there. 50 states, equates to 60,000 per, so what’s the chance of bumping in to one of them??


  3. Seriously ridiculous, immature, childish behavior from an adult. I hope he’s done coaching. The jerk.


  4. And he is supposed to be a sportsmanship role model?
    Fire his ass.


  5. I hope he is banned from coaching for life. He should also be banned from spectating so he cannot influence spectators either.


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