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Ovation: Tom Spicer Does Crazy Things With Ping-Pong Balls!


My aunt and uncle have the most fantastic basement.  It has a kitchenette and a fireplace.  I spent hours of my childhood fascinated by a laundry chute that enabled them to drop dirty laundry from the upstairs bathroom into the laundry room in the basement.  I thought it was the most ingenious invention and modern convenience that I had ever seen.

Whenever family gatherings brought us to their house, my cousins, my siblings and I would gather in their basement where they also had the most awesome ping-pong table ever!  When it wasn’t being used for a craft project, folding laundry or homework, we were allowed to play ping-pong.  If I happened to be there by myself, half of the table would fold up to form a wall so one could practice alone.  I was a fairly good player but not nearly as good as the kid in this video!

Nine-year-old Tom Spicer has incredible ping-pong skills.  When his father noticed his talent, he challenged his son by helping to set up expert-level tricks with props like a trash can, a skateboard and a trampoline.  Of course, his father captured his tricks on video and uploaded them resulting file to YouTube.

This isn’t the first time Tom has been featured on YouTube.  In April of last year, his father shared a different but equally impressive video that generated quite a bit of attention.  This latest clip is only a preview of a “full video” that’s in the works.

Some of these tricks are really hard to believe!  I remember how difficult it was to keep a ping-pong ball on the table in my aunt’s basement so I appreciate this young boys skills!

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  1. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to post the video review. 🙂 Tom is amazed by how kind people have been regarding his recent video, and it only encourages more “ping pong trick shots” to be filmed in the coming months! Wishing you all the best from here in Australia 🙂 (Toms Dad, Neil!)


  2. Rick permalink

    I’m AMAZED by this video. It’s unreal. That’s crazy hand eye coordination plus geometry skills with all the angles……How is it I can’t seem to throw a paper wad into the trash beside my desk???


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