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Diatribe: Ten Independence Day Facts To Think About.


1) Technically, Independence Day should be August 2, 1776.  That’s when a majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (50 of the 56) actually put pen to paper.

2) This year, Americans are expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on fireworks displays while as many as 1 in 194 citizens will experience homelessness at some time during the year.

3) Twenty-six percent of Americans do not know from which country the United States won its independence.

4) In 2011, Americans spent $3.6 million on imported American flags.  The vast majority of this amount ($3.3 million) was for U.S. flags made in China.

5) About half of “sparkler” injuries happen to children under five years old. (Please don’t hand your toddler a 1,000 degree rod of burning hot metal!)

6) Zoo animals, particularly herds with spring-babies, are sometimes spooked to the point of injury or death by fireworks.

7) The stars on the original American flag were arranged in a circle to ensure that all colonies were equal.

8) There is a 1 in 4 chance that a hot dog or sausage you consume today originated in Iowa.

9) The Fourth of July is the top holiday for beer sales (followed by Labor Day, Memorial Day and Fathers Day).

10) The Fourth of July has repeatedly ranked as the  deadliest holiday of the year for alcohol-related fatal crashes … even deadlier than New Year’s Day.  Please be careful.

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  1. Twenty-six percent of Americans don’t know from whom we declared independence. What a frightening fact. Of course, they DO know it somehow involved taxes.


  2. hot dogs check, beer check, and a quick discussion with the kiddos to make sure they understand the day check….thank you my friend


  3. I never thought about fireworks that way… what a waste of money!

    Great post


  4. 6) Zoo animals, particularly herds with spring-babies, are sometimes spooked to the point of injury or death by fireworks. ……..

    When I was 9 years old, our dog was so spooked by the fireworks. One went off and she attacked me and bit my face up. The sweetest dog, but turns out the neighbors had been throwing firecrackers at her the past week and she had had enough. 😦


  5. Holy crap! 4th of July fatalities there really are a big deal, aren’t they! Protect the animals!


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