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Ovation: Convenient Donation Centers From AmVets and Goodwill.


I never wore hand-me-down clothes.  I was the oldest child and the first, actually, of a generation.  All of my first cousins were younger so all of my clothes were always new.  Being the first baby and the first grandchild in both my mother’s and my father’s families, I was pretty much spoiled rotten.  I was also a big kid while my siblings and cousins were not as robust, so there was no one in the family who could wear my old clothes as I outgrew them.

My grandfather was a WWII veteran.  As one of America’s foremost veterans’ service organizations, AmVets (or American Veterans) assists veterans and sponsors numerous programs that serve our country and its citizens.  This was, to my recollection, the only organization to which my mother donated our old clothes.  Once a pick-up was scheduled, my mother would wash and fold each item of clothing that I had outgrown with the same love and care that she used when placing them in my dresser or closet.  Then she would package them, neatly, before setting them on the front porch for the AmVets driver to retrieve.

Three or four times each year, my household makes a donation to the local GoodWill Industries store.  Rather than throw away perfectly good things, we donate them figuring others might be able to use them.  They have a door at the back of the building where they accept donations, but only during hours that the store is open, so there is often a line and it can take some time to drop off items.

Recently, drop-off boxes for several organizations, including AmVets and Goodwill, have become quite common in my area.  The unmanned donation stations have been placed in convenient locations all over town making it easier than ever to help these organizations.  More frequent and smaller donations will be less cumbersome than fewer and larger hauls.  And there should be no lines and no waiting.

It should be noted, however, that other for-profit organizations are also setting up donation boxes in hopes of gathering merchandise to sell in their retail establishments.  Their drop-off boxes can look very much like those of the non-profit organizations and are often placed in the same locations, perhaps to take advantage of the generous people among us.

Donations to non-profit organizations like AmVets and Goodwill are sometimes tax-deductible (Please consult your tax professional) and are always welcomed by the organizations that receive them.

Do you have donation drop-boxes in your neighborhood?

To learn more about AmVets and to schedule a pickup, visit their website at  To find your local Goodwill Industries location, visit

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  1. No boxes, but a Goodwill store is just up the road and we donate often to them.
    Also to Habitat for Humanity Restore, in downtown Smallville.


  2. I’m so lucky to have a box just around the corner from where I live which makes it so handy to donate. Great post! 🙂


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