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Diatribe: Judge OKs Missiles On London Rooftop.


Many years ago, we bought a townhouse in a reasonably sized development with quite a bit of common amenities.  It was my first experience with a “homeowners association”.  I certainly understand why these associations are necessary and that, in the end, they benefit all of the property owners involved but this one seemed over-regulated and extremely particular.  If we wanted to paint our door, we had to get the color approved by the HOA.  Repairing a privacy fence required permission and the use of pre-approved supplies.  To me, it felt like trimming a shrub required an act of congress.

Eventually, I ended up becoming a member of the HOA’s Board of Directors and quickly learned what it was like to be on the other side of all the rules and requirements.  It was also an opportunity to learn about the types of conflicts that the seemingly ridiculous guidelines could resolve or avoid.  If nothing else, I learned that it’s impossible to get any number of property owners to agree on anything unanimously … there’s was always someone who disagreed with the Board’s recommendations.  Looking back, the problems of that condo association pale in comparison to those of Fred Wigg Tower, a 17-story high-rise located about two miles from Olympic Park in east London.

Despite objections, a British judge has rejected a request from the building’s residents to stop the city from using their building as a missile base during the upcoming Olympic Games.  The judge determined that Britain’s Ministry of Defense acted legally when it decided to put the weapons on the building’s roof.  Residents had objected because they thought the missile battery could make their homes a terrorist target.  The judge’s ruling indicates, however, that the missiles present no real threat to the building and five others like it located throughout the city as part of security for the 2012 Summer Games scheduled to begin on July 27th.

I wasn’t on that condo board for very long before we sold our unit and bought a house where we make our own rules.  We can dig up a shrub whenever we want, the front door is painted red and only we get to decide whether or not missiles are launched from our roof.

Have you ever belonged to a “homeowners association”?  Would you object to missiles on your roof?

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  1. We used to have an HOA in Miami and it was a nightmare. We had a gate put up in our fence–a beautiful Japanese garden-type gate and were instructed that the color we chose was wrong. So we painted the outside the “right” color and painted the inside scarlet red,, and then would leave it open so the red side showed.

    Now, had they suggested putting missiles on my roof, I think it would have been time to move.


  2. I live in a condo. And I would be find with missiles on my roof, as long as they were programmed to go directly into the windows of my fellow condo owners.


  3. Wait a minute. Doesn’t everybody have missiles on their roof?


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