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Diatribe: The Sierra Rose – So Ugly Someone Had To Sink It?


I used to own a boat.  It was an outboard ski boat that I “fixed up” and used to go fishing on a nearby lake.  It was far from beautiful but it worked and I was excited to be a “boater” for the first time.  I paid to keep it in a marina figuring, by doing so, I would be able to spend more time enjoying the boat and less time hauling it around.  My boat quickly became a “hole in the water into which I threw money”.  Regardless, I enjoyed many excursions in that boat, floating about catching fish and throwing them back all while enjoying beautiful scenery.  One morning, after a particularly nasty storm the night before, I arrived to find that my boat was sinking.  It had filled with rainwater and was slowly disappearing.  What a horrible sight!  I never caught another fish from that boat.

Imagine the surprise when the owners of the Sierra Rose learned that their $3.2 million yacht, so big that it had its own helicopter pad, was sinking, one end of it touching the South Lake Tahoe marina bottom!

It’s not yet clear what made the ship take on water but witnesses said that more than a dozen people were on board when the screeching sound of tearing metal was heard.  The luxury boat didn’t immediately sink, and some people stayed on it for more than an hour after the incident.  No one was hurt.  Later, a big-screen television and leather couches were seen floating inside the partially submerged ship, one of the largest to make its home on Lake Tahoe.

Apparently, there are many neighbors saying “good riddance” to the Sierra Rose.  Like my old boat, some thought the huge yacht was an eyesore … simply too big and it blocked views of the beautiful alpine lake.  Perhaps it was so ugly that someone had to sink it?

It’s been said that the happiest day of a boat owner’s life is the day they buy the boat and they day they sell it.  I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. Having spent many summers on Lake Tahoe–one of the most gorgeous places on the planet–I’d be one of those glad to see the eyesore going down.


  2. wcdameron permalink

    I bought a boat last week. Beautiful teak and mahogany wood with lovely sails. It is my pride and joy. It is 24 inches by 26 inches and looks lovely in my cottage window. It was all I could afford after building the house….


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