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Diatribe: Not Enough Family Restrooms.


Public restrooms can be quite frightening places.

Parents alone with a child or children often face anxiety when it’s time for a bathroom break.  For example, more often than ever, fathers are escorting children to public places such as malls and playgrounds and parents, both fathers and mothers, are often uncomfortable taking their opposite-sex child into the restroom with them.  But parents don’t want to leave the child alone outside while they use a restroom or send a child into a public restroom on their own.

Children, especially young children who might not be completely confident with their bathroom skills, require supervision and reminders regarding hygiene, etc.  Unfortunately, public restrooms are not always the cleanest places that a child will encounter and there are health risks involved.  A mom might be concerned about letting her young son into the men’s room alone as she won’t be able to monitor his activities.

It’s safe to assume that many adults are uncomfortable when a child of one sex is in a public restroom designated for the opposite sex.  We see children on their own who might need help but we look the other way.  It can be even more awkward for strangers when a woman brings her son with her into a ladies room or a father brings his daughter with him into a men’s room.

Unisex bathrooms, also known as a family bathrooms, solve these problems.  They provide peace of mind for parents and children of both sexes, opportunities for children to learn good hygiene habits under supervised conditions, and allow others to avoid the awkwardness of unaccompanied children in the “wrong” public restrooms.

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  1. I was just having this conversation with my hubby. Our son is too old to accompany me to the restroom, but has some special circumstances and can’t always successfully get the job done. It drives me nuts when there are no family restrooms and I have to take him with me. The looks we both get are infuriating and I’m not too happy about him being in there either. I can’t imagine how it must be for dads that are having to take their little girls potty. The LAST place I want my daughter is in the men’s room.
    I also hate having to tell my son, when he is able to go alone, DO NOT talk to anyone in there. And if anyone looks at you scream and run. 🙂


  2. Watch for those right wing groups to start saying what is and isn’t a family restroom.


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