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Ovation: Metapaper.


Folks with iPads or other tablets are quickly learning that there are many many WiFi networks out there.  Surprisingly, many are not password protected in any way.  Many businesses, particularly restaurants and coffee houses, are offering free WiFi access to their customers in an effort to win their business.  Consequently, more and more users are accessing unsecure networks every day.

It can sometimes be quite difficult to secure a wireless network.  I learned, years ago when my parents arrived at my house one afternoon before I got home from the office, that the network in my house can be accessed by anyone parked in my driveway.  I need a way to keep my signal from leaving my house.

According to scientists and researchers in France, we may soon be able to purchase and install wallpaper that not only decorates our walls but also protects our health, equipment and data.  The paper, known as metapaper, claims to selectively filter, reduce or reflect electromagnetic waves while still allowing FM radio waves and emergency frequencies to pass through.

The paper would not only protect against intruders stealing WiFi, but also ensures that signals inside a building are more secure and stronger.  Even better, the wallpaper can be used to create quieter spaces for places like hospital, concert halls and movie theaters.

The paper can be covered by traditional, decorative, wallpapers and is made from renewable resources so it is recyclable.  The paper is not yet available commercially but it is already being touted as a healthy alternative since it claims to reduce a person’s exposure to electromagnetic waves associated with wireless technology that some believe can cause harmful health effects.

Once this paper becomes available commercially, and is proven to be effective in blocking cell phone signals, I hope the first place that it is installed is in movie theaters.  Imagine how nice it would be to once again be able to enjoy a movie without someone in the audience taking a call or exchanging text messages.  Of course, the paper would have to be installed on the ceilings and floors, too, in order to be completely effective.

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  1. wcdameron permalink

    Very cool. Wall paper will soon become fashionable again.


    • I can’t really get excited about wallpaper … unless it brings about the demise of “sponging”, “rag rolling” and other “faux finishing” techniques. 😉


  2. I never even heard of metapaper until just now. Sounds like good stuff.


  3. Wow! That’s pretty cool! I wonder if they could use the same principle on clothing too?


  4. Interesting post! I’ve never heard of this.


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