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Diatribe: Tripp Palin Is A 3-Year-Old Bigot And His Mommy Thinks It’s Funny.


I grew up in a place where children were taught to behave.  I was raised by a loving family that had very high expectations for me.  They expected me to be polite, obedient and respectful of my elders and.  When I misbehaved, my actions were met with stern disapproval and I learned from a very young age that my actions had consequences.  I had good parents.  Tripp Palin does not.

The circus of a family known as The Palins have never been known for being particularly open and non-judgmental and it seems that the youngest member of the clan is following in the footsteps of his elders.  A clip from the Lifetime “reality” series, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp includes three-year-old Tripp Palin shouting a homophobic slur at his aunt during a temper tantrum that his holier-than-thou mother seems to think is downright hysterical.

Wow.  And somehow a large number of people think this baby is better off in a family like this than with two same-sex parents who love him.  This girl disgusts me.  She laughed (“encouraged”) his outburst.  Clearly the little kid learned this word from someone close to him and this fact should surprise no one.

Somewhere in the offices of Lifetime Television, an executive determined that this footage was worthy of broadcast.  Shame on Lifetime for giving this talentless woman yet another opportunity to cash in on the notoriety of her family name.  Seriously, am I the only person who thinks this woman makes Kim Kardashian look like a brilliant role model of success?

Children aren’t born ignorant or filled with intolerance and hate … they have to learn these things.  It appears to me that Tripp Palin is being taught.

Would your mother have laughed at you if you said this as a three-year-old?

UPDATE 07/24/12Bristol Palin, Setting the Record Straight, claims her son said a different “f word.”  A sad attempt to use the negative publicity to drum up interest in a failing “reality show”.

UPDATE 08/07/12 – Levi Johnson, father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp, reportedly wants full custody of potty-mouthed child.

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  1. mary i permalink

    i would have been scolded a sent to my room. I was raised in a house where the word “hate” was not used, “dislike” was ok. I was blessed to be raised color blind and tolerant of any and all. Dont waste your time on this trash TV….


  2. G-man permalink

    At least she acknowledged she is doing a bad job on discipline and I agree, but even a bad parent understands when enough is enough and at least attempts to correct the behavior. Little Tripp had to hear those words (there were more than the one that a 3 year old shouldnt e saying) somewhere.


  3. Kids learn bad words from folks outside the family, so I won’t assume he learned this from a family member, but he’s learning it’s acceptable -cute, even- from his family. So sad. I wish I could assume they would have reacted in a different way had TV cameras not been rolling, but I’m not assuming that either.


    • Kids don’t know that words are “bad” unless someone teaches them. This woman’s laughter provides positive feedback which encourages the child to repeat the behavior hoping for the same result. Palin should focus her attention more on being a parent and less on being a “celebrity”.


      • Exactly. Part of being a parent is teaching kids what’s acceptable within the family. She’s doin’ that. It’s a shame she finds that behavior acceptable, but I’m not really surprised. I wish reality TV were unacceptable.


        • I have many issues with her family.

          I enjoy some reality television … the shows that are competitions, contests, challenges, etc. … not the ones that follow bitchy housewives or drunken twentysomethings hoping that they’ll do something stupid.


  4. The worst parent ever. Seriously.
    And where does one learn their parenting skills?
    I rest my case.


  5. This disgusts me and I am not a parent. The fact that it is on TV makes my head want to explode.


  6. Oh, you mean this ISN’T the retarded one?


  7. No wonder I hate reality TV (other than Dancing with the Stars, which doesn’t really fit in this genre). I was not impressed with the Palins before, and I am even less impressed now.

    If I said or did anything as a child that was wrong, and this would have sent me to the top of the list for that remark, my mom would react immediately, and I was always perfectly clear that behavior like this was unacceptable. These two young women are giving the child strong feedback that it is ok to whine and say nasty racist things. What a man he will grow up to be. Shame on Bristol Palin.


  8. The Palin name and the term “good parents” have never appeared together very often.


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