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Ovation: The Overwhelming Kindness Of Johnny Karlinchak.


Last spring, we had some really bad weather pass through our area.  Several storms knocked over many large, old trees and downed power lines across the region.  There was so much rain that the ground grew soft and roots were loosened.  Many of the storms brought lightning shows and roaring thunder.  One particular storm brought a lightning strike that hit the air conditioning unit attached to our house.  The jolt burned our fuse box and destroyed our home’s heat/air system.  After the resulting insurance claim, our deductible almost doubled.

This June, a sixty-foot-tall oak tree landed on the Springfield, Virginia home of Elissa Myers during a deadly storm that killed two people and caused massive damage to the community.  When he saw the damage to his neighbor’s home, eight-year-old Johnny Karlinchak emptied his piggy bank and gave his life savings ($1.25) to Mrs. Myers.

“I lost many, many things that day.  But things did not make me cry.  The overwhelming kindness of Johnny did.” – Mrs. Elissa Myers

Although he’s only eight years old, Johnny knows what it means to give back to his community.  He remembers what it was like to have neighbors that pitched in to  help out when his sister died in a car accident more than four years ago.  When he learned that Mrs. Myers’ deductible was $500 … far more than his $1.25 … he set up a lemonade stand and began earning more money to help because he recognized a chance to give back.  On his first day, he earned $21.00 toward his goal and he quickly earned enough money selling lemonade and cookies to pay his neighbor’s deductible.

Weather-related tragedies can be frightening and repairs can be expensive.  Every community and neighborhood should have someone like Johnny to inspire kindness and remind us of the importance to “pay it forward”.

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  1. mary i permalink

    This is Heart warming.Yesterdays left a bad taste in my mouth,todays gave me hope Thank You 🙂


  2. What a wonderful story and a wonderful boy. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    We can only hope that there are more “Johnny’s” out there, then the bimbo’s kid!


  4. Yes, this is an example of good parenting and remarkable children.
    What a lovely young boy.
    Perhaps, one day in the not too distant future, he’ll help raise money to pay Tripp Palin’s bail.


  5. I love kids like him! I bet his parents are proud!


  6. That was an uplifting story to read! Thanks for sharing.


  7. This reminds me of a post my daughter made to Facebook the other day:

    “My heart is heavy over the unexpected death of a friend yesterday. As I was driving the kids to school this morning, I was contemplating life-only God knows how long we will be here, and hoping that I teach my children about what is really important. I looked over at Duncan in the seat next to me, his big, blue eyes looking at me. I smiled and asked what was in his hand. At first he said nothing. I asked, “is it money?” He said, “Yes. They have a jar at school to put money in to help people who have lost their homes in tornadoes and fires.” He got money from his own piggy bank to put in the jar to help others. I cried. I told them both that that is the kind of people that I wanted them to grow up to be.”

    The insight and sensitivity of children never fails to amaze me. It is something we often lose sight of as we grow older, and posts such as yours are a reminder to stay in touch with our inner child. Thank you for posting this. I will be sharing it across my social media web.


  8. Somebody taught that child well!


  9. Yes, we all should be helping anywhere we can. Inspiring post:)


  10. heart warming 🙂


  11. Great story, giving back to our community is so important, it´s the only way that it be a place where we can find help, support and sense of belonging… a place where cultivate reciprocity, many persons are not aware of this but this boy knows it, how nice!


  12. It is always wonderful to see people help each other and connect in new ways.


  13. A feel-good post. It reminds me that there is far more good than bad in the world.


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