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Ovation: Corey Bernstein Invites Kirk Cameron To Lunch.


Kirk Cameron, faded child-star and outspoken foe of homosexuality, has his work cut out for him in New Jersey.  His controversial 35-city “Love Worth Fighting For” tour, which he touts as a mass marriage-counseling event, is scheduled to make a stop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  The event is expected to be well attended, but not everyone in New Jersey is a fan.

Cameron has said some pretty harsh things about LGBT people.  Name calling, misinformation, doomsday predictions and, some might say, outright lies have all spilled past his lips … each under a veil of “good Christian morality”.

Seventeen-year-old Corey Bernstein, a New Jersey resident and co-chair of the Youth Caucus at Garden State Equality, wrote a letter to Cameron and his manager inviting Cameron to attend a luncheon where his outspoken opposition can be discussed, face to face, with local victims of anti-gay bullying.

“In a kind, respectful and constructive way, we’d like to talk to you about the pain your words about being LGBT have personally caused me and other LGBT youth.  Mr. Cameron, words casting negative judgments about LGBT people not only perpetuate prejudice in our wider society, but also hurt LGBT youth in particular.  Some of your public comments about being LGBT have devastated us LGBT youth.  We yearn to grow up in a world that provides us dignity and safety.  That is our simple, most heartfelt dream.” – Corey Bernstein, 17

Bullied himself in his younger years, Bernstein is a nationally recognized activist, organizer and speaker for the safe school movement for LGBT youth.  His commitment to promoting acceptance of LGBT students and awareness of LGBT issues in his school and community is unwavering.  An opportunity to spend a few hours with Cameron could result in a softening of

I admire anyone, including Cameron, who stands up for what they believe in, puts their money where their mouth is, and faces adversity head one.  Bernstein, however, is taking the high road in this instance.  It will be interesting to see if Cameron responds to the invitation.

UPDATE 07/27/12Cameron declines invitation.

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  1. I think Kirk Cameron is too deeply closeted to ever change his mind.
    And, from what I read yesterday he won’t be meeting with this group, or any LGBT groups.
    Talk about open-minded.


    • Yep. Not surprisingly, he declined Bernstein’s invitation. But kudos to Bernstein for trying. It seems to me that Cameron is just another Christian Businessmen selling “faith” and “inspiration” as commodities.


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