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Ovation: World Santa Claus Congress.


Travelling for business can be a lonely experience.  I don’t do it often but on occasion I’m asked to attend a conference or a continuing education event on behalf of my firm.  I enjoy visiting different cities and experiencing new surroundings but I don’t like to go alone.  At the end of the day, I simply don’t enjoy making memories that I can’t share with a loved one.  But I make the best of it, enjoy the change of scenery and have a nice meal on an expense account.

Things might be different if my profession was “Santa Clause”.

This month marks the fifty-fifth anniversary of the annual World Santa Claus Congress.  Every Summer since 1957 an amusement park north of Copenhagen, Denmark is invaded by professional Santas from around the world for a sort of “Santa Conference”.  Hundreds of Santas, both female and male pixies and elves, their families and thousands of spectators gather to spread Christmas cheer, have fun and socialize all while dressed in traditional Santa attire representative of their home countries. Here’s a video from a past Congress.

Because they’re all so busy during the winter holiday season, they take advantage of the Summer lull to hone their Santa skills.  Like participants at most any business conference, these Santas take advantage of the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, network and learn from each other ideas about how they can do their job better and grow in their profession.  Like other conference participants, they even play lame team building games like throwing sacks of presents.  The Congress also provides a chance to promote the Santa Clause trade and teaches participants how Christmas cheer is spread in different parts of the world.  These Santas take their work very seriously!

From now on whenever I see a Santa Claus I’ll wonder if he’s up-to-date on his continuing education requirements and whether or not he’s participated in the World Santa Claus Congress.

Do you enjoy business trips?  Would you enjoy them more if you were Santa Claus?

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  1. that’s just so awesome that there’s a Santa convention. I remember this episode of Bones where there was a Santa union, and they really protected their own!


  2. Fantastisch!
    However, am I the only one who feels like this would give me bad dreams?


  3. Sunny permalink

    I love Santa. Sunny
    I would like to go to Germany at Christmas.
    I go to Florida to Disney.


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