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Ovation: Ricky Martin To Be Living La Vida Television.


On Saint Patrick’s Day in 1999, I picked up the only brand new automobile that I’ve ever owned.  Having always driven used cars, my new ford Mustang GT Convertible was the car of my dreams.  I had ordered it directly from the factory, in my favorite color, with leather interior and a sound-system upgrade.  I couldn’t wait for my first road trip with the top down.  I had scheduled a trip down Route 1 to the tip of Key West, Florida, that spring … which just happened to be the same time that Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” was topping the pop music charts.

I must’ve heard that song a thousand times that summer and, every time, it made me remember the road trip.  The top was down, the air conditioning was cranking and I had a blast.  That was the trip when I learned that the tops of one’s knees are subject to really bad sunburns.  I also became a Ricky Martin fan.  I bought his CDs and saw him live in concert.  I thought he was entertaining, not ugly, and seeing him in concert was a great evening.

This week, it was announced that Martin signed a deal with NBC Universal to star in a television series.  Currently starring on Broadway, the Puerto Rican star’s new agreement will allow him to develop his own show.

“Ricky is an iconic superstar who is as talented as he is popular.  Whether he’s performing before sold-out concert crowds, or starring on Broadway, where he is currently playing to SRO in Evita, Ricky connects with his audience in a very palpable way – and we are thrilled that he will be adding TV star to his incredible resume.” – Bela Bajaria, Executive Vice President – Universal Television

The former Menudo singer is no stranger to television having starred at an early age in Mexican telenovelas, on General Hospital before relaunching his singing career and a recent cameo on Fox’s Glee.  The Grammy Award winning author and humanitarian should not disappoint on network television.

Are you a Ricky Martin fan?

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  1. justajeepguy permalink

    Love him! Saw him in Evita – GREAT, him not the entire show. Read Me. He is one of the few people whose outer beauty is matched by his inner. He seems to be a very good example of what a human should be.


  2. Sarah Ahlberg permalink

    When I was little I was obsessed with Menudo!! But I must admit, although I thought Ricky was great, my Menudo crush was Robby Rosa! Lol


  3. Sunny permalink

    Dia, he is a great looker, singer, and he has my attention.


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