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Diatribe: What If Olympic Hero Ryan Lochte Was A Pig And No One Noticed?


In this day and age when everyone gets the knickers in a twist over the slightest little thing, it seems to me that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s recent statements about women, sex and relationships should be getting more attention.  His mother, while being interviewed on the set of NBC’s Today show stated, in no uncertain terms, that “He goes out on one-night stands.  He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”

He certainly doesn’t appear to be much of a gentleman.  Perhaps his dufus persona and “stoner” ways lead folks to think that he’s simply a harmless oaf.  Are his indiscretions being overlooked because he’s white?  Is nobody talking about him because he’s straight?  Is it because he’s handsome?  Or are we ignoring his casual approach to sex and relationships because he’s an Olympic athlete?

“One of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all.” – Ryan Lochte responding to Women’s Health magazine’s question: What do women look hottest in?

Certainly, an athlete of his caliber, and there’s no questioning his abilities, spends countless hours in training.  And swimming is a solo endeavor so it’s easy to see why he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend.  But when his mother announces to the world that he has casual sex because he’s too busy being an Olympic athlete to be bothered with a healthy relationship, maybe we should review our definition of a hero.

Like other Olympians before him he will become, as a result of his success, a role model to young swimmers the world over.

Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t the Morality Police chasing after him for being a chauvinist pig and promoting premarital casual sex?  It wasn’t all that long ago that poor Levi Johnson was drug through the coals for having a baby with his then-fiance. Perhaps they’re too busy eating waffle fries to notice that one of America’s newest heroes isn’t necessarily a good man for our children to admire.

UPDATE 08/03/12 Lochte tells US WEEKLY that his mother’s comment was taken out of context.  Do you believe him?

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  1. If you go to google and type “Ryan Lochte is a douche” it yields some interesting results. Maybe no public outrage, but he is the butt of joke for many right now.
    On his website, the header says “Go Big or Go Home” and there’s an extensive photo album with him looking incredibly douchey. Priceless entertainment.


  2. Keep in mind that this guy is kinda full of himself and he just finished college not too long ago. He still has that mentality so is it any wonder why he does what he does? Now that he’s getting all this media attention it’s only going to get worse from here.


    • I don’t think he gives his mother enough credit. She’s either a really “cool” mom or a completely clueless mom. Either way, I’m inclined to believe her.


  3. He’s just another in a long line of athletes with bad behavior. Sadly, he won’t be the last.


  4. earlier today i read how he was proud of peeing in the pool too. He seems like a winner doesn’t he? Amazing…..


  5. Anonymous permalink

    Successful athlete enjoys casual sex.


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