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Ovation: Marylin Monroe (06/01/26 – 08/05/62)


Fifty years ago today, Marylin Monroe’s housekeeper found her dead in her Brentwood, California home, naked in bed with empty pill bottles nearby.  The official cause of death … “probable suicide”.

For many, the suicide explanation seemed a little too neat and convenient.  For starters, there was no suicide note and no liquid nearby that she could have used to swallow the pills blamed for her death.  Conspiracy theories abounded, and continue to do so to this day.  Many fans, loved ones and even police felt confident that Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, was murdered.

Today, fifty years later, Marilyn Monroe remains a fascinating Hollywood legend who continues to inspire fans and celebrities the world over.  On this anniversary of her death, several new books about her life have been published and Monroe became the focal point of NBC’s Broadway-themed series SMASH which pays homage in a manner that she might have appreciated since her life was thought by many to be pure “theater”.

In such a short life, Monroe left a long legacy in the world of American entertainment.  There will never be another like her.

Has Marilyn Monroe touched your life?

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  1. I’ve always found her a sad figure. I think she summed it up well in her diary it was something like this (paraphrasing) – Men marry me thinking they’ll get Marilyn Monroe but are disappointed to find out they got Norma Jean. Marilyn was a persona she used.

    There’s a story that once she was in NYC walking with another student in her acting class. They moved through the crowds without her being noticed. When the student commented on that Norma asked “Do you want to see her?” “Who?” “Marilyn.” “Sure” Norma handed her books over, removed her scarf from her head and started walking in a sass-shay giggling and waving to men. Even her voice changed to the breathless one we are so familiar with as being Marilyn. Within minutes she had a huge crowd and police had to be called.

    The world wanted Marilyn but they never noticed Norma Jean.


  2. I loved that she wasn’t this sort of dumb blonde bimbo that she played [so well] onscreen. She was thoughtful and really quite smart.

    It’s hard work playing dumb, and she was a master, because dumb can become a one-note joke and Marilyn was never that.


  3. She is so beautiful! I wish to someday be as fabulous and famous as she. 🙂


  4. It makes me sad that she seemed to be a fairly unhappy person. She had everything most people could want but she never had a child, which she wanted very badly, and she never found the right man for her. It must have been very difficult for her to live with Marilyn Monroe getting in the way of Norma Jean all the time.


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