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Ovation: A Batman Pool Is For Sale In Illinois.


Last weekend I finally got to see “The Dark Night Rises”.  We went to an IMAX theater (which always makes me a little bit too excited) and arrived early enough to get good seats in the middle where the sound is the best.  I also received a coupon for a large drink.

About twenty minutes into the movie, I found myself thinking about last month’s tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and lost my concentration.  So, like the feeble-minded soul I sometimes feel myself to be, I was momentarily lost in the action.  Then the large Diet Coke kicked in and I had to run to the restroom so I  missed a few more minutes of plot development.  Once the villain was introduced, I strained to understand what he was saying.  Even in our good seats in the middle of the Dolby-loaded theater, I could not comprehend what this character was saying.  I’ve never understood my inability to clearly hear spoken words without seeing the speaker’s mouth.  There must be a name for this condition.

Then I ran to the restroom again.  And then again.  I learned that a large Diet Coke, even at a reduced coupon price, is not a good idea for me at the movie theater.  My fourth trip was during what turned out to be a pivotal scene that left me with too many questions to ask my friends without making them miss something, too, so I got my answers in the car on the ride home.

The skies over Gotham City aren’t the only place to see the “Bat Symbol”.  A home for sale in Hinsdale, Illinois, has the symbol on the bottom of the pool.  The symbol was installed many years ago as a surprise for the owners’ toddler who was a big Batman fan and the owners have maintained it over the years.  There are, of course, other reasons to love the large 1920s Tudor-style home, listed for $2.55 million, but the Bat Symbol is certainly unique.  Of course, anyone who can afford the home can likely afford to have the bottom of the pool painted if they’re not a fan of the Caped Crusader.

I’m old enough to remember television’s Batman of the 1960s.  I’ve seen many different Batmans in my lifetime and many different Bat Symbols in the skies over many different Gotham Cities.  But I’ve never seen one on the bottom of a pool.

I wonder if it will help to sell the house.

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  1. Rick permalink

    I want the Bat Symbol on the bottom of my pool


  2. I managed to fall asleep during the previews and missed the first 1 hour and 15 mins of the movie. Talk about lost! And I had no friends to ask about it as I went alone.

    I found Bain’s (opps…Bane’s) voice very hard to understand and suffer from the same syndrome as you. In addition to not understanding half of what he said, the voice sounded familiar and I couldn’t place it until the end of the movie – Sean Connery. He sounded like a comedian doing a bad impersonation of Sean Connery as James Bond.


  3. Janene permalink

    I LOVE the pool. How fun! As for the movie, I loved it, too. Like you, though, I saw it in IMAX, and couldn’t understand some of what they were saying. I think the sound was too loud.


  4. Anonymous permalink



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