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Ovation: Hugh Hefner Thinks Marriage Equality Benefits Everyone.


In 1953, a young man named Hugh Marston Hefner mortgages his furniture, borrowed money from banks and raised funds from investors, including his mother, to launch Playboy magazine.  The undated first issue featured Marilyn Monroe from her 1949 nude calendar shoo.  The magazine was a big success and made a ton of money.  His business boomed and, in 1961 the first Playboy Club opened in Chicago.  After showing their special “key” to gain admittance to the exclusive establishment, members and their guests were served food and drinks by Playboy Bunnies some of whom were featured in Playboy magazine.  Hefner, his magazine and his clubs were considered by many to be sinfully out of touch with American values.  Others believed him to be a leader in the sexual revolution and ranked him high among the socially elite.

By acknowledging that sex as a commodity could be big business, Hefner went on to build Playboy Enterprises.  The success of the company has allowed Hefner, known for extravagant spending and luxurious living, to become quite the philanthropist donating personal funds and those of a charitable foundation to many charities both inside and outside the circles of politics, publishing and the arts.

And, at 86 years old, he still wants his voice to be heard.  In the September issue of Playboy, the magazine’s founder criticizes conservatives in an editorial and accuses them of continuing to “assault the rights of gays.”

“The fight for gay marriage is, in reality, a fight for all of our rights. Without it, we will turn back the sexual revolution and return to an earlier, puritanical time.  Today, in every instance of sexual rights falling under attack, you’ll find legislation forced into place by people who practice discrimination disguised as religious freedom.  Their goal is to dehumanize everyone’s sexuality and reduce us to using sex for the sole purpose of perpetuating our species.  To that end, they will criminalize your entire sex life.  …  This is a religious nation, but it is also a secular one. … No one should have to subjugate their religious freedom, and no one should have their personal freedoms infringed.  This is America and we must protect the rights of all Americans.” – Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine (September 2012)

In his opinion, by denying same-sex couples the right to civil marriage on a federal level, and the enactment of other laws allowing discrimination specifically directed at homosexuals on religious grounds, overly conservative politicians are impacting the lives of all Americans.  “The goal of these laws,” he claims,” is to dehumanize everyone’s sexuality and reduce us to using sex for the sole purpose of perpetuating our species.  To that end, they will criminalize your entire sex life.”

Surely nobody wants that.

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  1. Madame Weebles permalink

    Nice to see the old man being relevant. Big standing O for Hef.


  2. Could not agree more. Well said Hef. Maybe if we took a cue from him and wear our pajamas to church that would loosen some folks up. :>)


  3. Good ol’ Hugh Hefner! Fightin’ for freedom, where ever there’s struggle, over land and sea and air, Hugh Hefner is there!


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