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Ovation: “True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites From Bon Temps”.


I’m not a big fan of Cajun food, but I do love New Orleans and the culture surrounding southern Louisiana.  The history of the region is fascinating and the city is one of the oldest in the nation.  Naturally, there are many stories associated with the history of the area.

True Blood, the hit HBO vampire drama, also has quite a fan base.  Soon, those fans will be able to enjoy recipes inspired by the show.  True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps was compiled by a Cajun chef and will be released later this week.

The show is filmed party in Louisiana and is set in the fictional town of Bon Temps and the state’s foods are often referenced in the series, where vampires and humans regularly enjoy jambalaya and gumbos.

“I sat down and watched it with my notebook, and I was amazed how much food was mentioned in the series.  It was fun making the recipes come to life.  I think people are still mystified by south Louisiana food.  There’s still such a mystique about the food and culture here.” – Chef Marcelle Bienvenu

Recipes in the cookbook are accompanied by pictures and excerpts from the series.  Cocktail recipes are also included.  Drinks with names like Tequila Moonrise and Lovin’ in the Coven should be fun to make and share.

While the recipes have been given names inspired by the series, they will be real recipes for food that folks in Louisiana eat all the time.

Cajun cuisine, specifically that found in Louisiana, is unique in many ways.  This new cook book will add another reason to the list.

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  1. I am NOT bon “tempted”,


  2. Omigod blatant product placements hahahaha! It sounds kinda tacky to me, regardless of whether the recipes are good or not.


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