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Ovation: PBS’s “The Joy Of Painting” Lives On.


One of my grandmothers was a big fan of public television.  I remember that, when we would spend weekends with her, she would tune the television to PBS to distract my brother and I and keep us occupied while she worked in the kitchen.  At the time, PBS was the only station that she could count on to provide programs designed for children’s enjoyment. I remember watching shows like Sesame Street, The Electric Company and (my all-time favorite) Zoom.

Later, I discovered The Joy of Painting.  This program, starring American painter and art instructor Robert Norman “Bob” Ross, was a staple on PBS for eleven years and still appears in reruns in many broadcast areas and online.  Ross’ soft voice and the slow pace of his speech along with his uncanny artistic abilities make the program fascinating and relaxing.

He used a wet-on-wet oil painting technique that allowed him to complete an entire painting in the course of one episode.  He incorporated various sizes of brushes and painting knives to paint landscapes in a matter of seconds.  It was amazing to watch and he made it look so easy.

Recently, I was really pleased to discover that classes are now being taught using Ross’ unique techniques.  His namesake line of materials and supplies are being introduced to a new generation of artists who will, hopefully, fascinate their families and friends with the complex creations that he always made to appear simple.

Perhaps one of the students in a class right now will one day have a show of their own.

Are you an artist?  Have you ever watched The Joy of Painting?

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  1. Fluffy clouds!


  2. Carrie permalink

    LOVE the joy of painting show. Just make it dance…


  3. I used to watch a similar painting show with a German guy. I loved watching a scene come alive in that short half-hour.


  4. This dude was the definition of mellow! My mom liked to paint as a hobby and always had this show on. It’s cute that people are still thinking about him and teaching his techniques.


  5. I loved this guy and wtyh my second daughter who is an artist. We would follow along with him. Your blog brought back nice memories. Thank you.


  6. I used to watch that painting show on PBS! I was fascinated with what he could create in one episode. I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body (I can barely draw stick figures),but I always wanted to paint like Bob Ross.


    • He made it look SO easy and he was incredibly motivational. After 30 minutes I thought, for sure, I could paint a sunset with ketchup, mustard and a butter knife!


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