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Diatribe: Voice Mail.


I don’t like to leave voice mail.  I’d much rather send an email that I can draft, review and reread before I press “send”.  When I do leave a voice mail message, I always feel like I ramble on, don’t sound prepared and forget to say something.  But, as much as I dislike leaving voice mail message, I like receiving and checking them even less.  Not a day goes by that, after following pre-programmed prompts, I don’t have to sit through some long-winded message that I have to review more than once in order to understand and hear the caller’s name and telephone number.

Apparently, I’m not alone.

With the rise in popularity of texting, instant chat and various smart phone apps, people simply aren’t talking to each other as much as they used to.  Shifts in behavior are occurring alongside the irreversible fading of voice calls in general which is prompting more wireless carriers to offer unlimited voice minutes.

While we used to count our minutes and carefully dole them out throughout each billable month, collect unused rollover minutes at every opportunity and worry about overage charges,

“Did you just call me?”

“Yes.  Did you not listen to my voice mail message?”

“No.  I don’t check voicemail.”


Are you increasingly annoyed by voice mail?

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  1. Leaving a voicemail is no different than the old fashioned answering machines.
    I don’t have a problem with it and I do not text.
    So, if you don’t check your voicemail, oh, well…..


    • Much like email, I check my voice mail constantly. I can’t stand for anything to be waiting in my IN BOX.

      Perhaps the bigger problem is voice mail etiquette. Imagine this scenario …

      Dial number.
      Press 1 for directory
      Press 5 for last name
      press 1 to leave a message
      “Good morning. You’ve reached the office of Today is Tuesday, September 4, 2012. I will be in meetings this morning from 8:00 until 10:30, out of the office for a lunch appointment and returning at 1:30. Please leave a message at the tone and I will return your call when I return to my desk. If you need immediate assistance please contact my assistant, Penelope, at 123-123-1234 or … that’s p, e, n, e, l, o, p, e, @, e, m, a, i, l dot com. If Penelope is not available, please call back and press “O” for the switchboard operator who will be happy to direct your call to an appropriate individual. Thanks for calling and I hope you have a super terrific day.”

      Now imagine the scenario twelve to fifteen times each day.

      I miss the days of the old-fashioned answering machine with short greetings.



  2. Barneysday permalink

    The worst are the speed racers who rush through their message, speak as though they have a mouth full of cotton, and leave an indecipherable phone number that no amount of replay will allow me to get it right.


  3. I hate voice mail!!!!! I can never figure out how to retrieve it on my cell phone & I don’t have a house phone. I would much rather people send me an email or a tweet, then I can choose when & if I want to answer or not.


  4. Enjoyed every bit of your blog article. Will read on…


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