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Ovation: Ecological Wall Mounted Shampoo Dispensers In Hotels.


When I travel, I tend to rely on the hotel where I’ll be staying to provide shampoo and soap for my stay.  I worry that I’ll pack the wrong size bottle of something that will provoke a search of my luggage at airport security.  The toiletries that most hotels provide are perfectly fine for my needs and I don’t feel the least bit guilty when I use them.  I do, however, hate to waste these soaps and conditioners and have often wondered how many little bottles of soap end up in landfills around the world.

Last weekend, when I checked into a hotel, I was pleased to find that it had a shower dispenser filled with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Worldwide, hotels are installing these wall mounted dispensers as an amenity for their guests.  By adding this eco-friendly alternative to the little bottles both the hotel owner and the environment will benefit.  The dispensers allow hotels and other hospitality businesses to purchase guest amenities in bulk which eliminates wasted liquids and packaging … both environmentally and financially costly.

The dispenser was very easy to use and there was no waste.  I do recall, however, thinking that those with skin allergies might choose to avoid the products inside because, while they appeared to be of high quality, the ingredients comprising the soap, conditioner and body wash were not listed or otherwise made available to the user.

While there are some hotels that implement soap recycling programs like Clean the World, most do not.  Wall mounted dispensers can eliminate the need for costly bottles of hair care products and bars of soap that are discarded after only one use.

They can also eliminate embarrassing and time-consuming stops at airport security.

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  1. This is a good idea if you are able to use any type of product when on holiday. I would prefer to know what’s in the product before I use it though, and usually always carry my own shampoo, soap, conditioner etc and never use hotel stuff.

    I guess it does make sense to the hotel industry to do this, and I’m sure people will welcome it, as they like to just wash n go.


  2. I answered I would depending on the quality of the hotel, only because some litigious idiot will turn around & claim someone put something in the dispenser & it caused them some harm. Or some idiot will take the opportunity to put something weird into the dispensers just like they did with Tylenol, etc. If it was a high class hotel, maybe some of the crazies wouldn’t be afford to stay there?


    • Ew. Never thought of that.


      • I love anything green to save our landfills, but because of the crazies out there, we would have to be very vigilant about being able to seal these containers up. I use these types of dispensers at home so I can buy in bulk & not keep buying 6 little bottles when I could have only 1 going to the recycler.


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