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Ovation: Introducing Dasani Drops.


I don’t drink enough water.  We all know that it’s important to drink plenty of water, especially on hot summer days like we’ve experienced in the last few months.  I’ve tried carrying an “eco flask”, re-filling empty store-bought water bottles, adding lemon wedges, frozen grapes or Splenda to make it more interesting.  But it still seems like a chore.

Clearly, I’m not alone.  Just like bottled spring waters before them, flavored waters have become an industry.  In addition to their bottled water brands, beverage companies are struggling for a piece of the growing flavored water market that includes Clearly Canadian, SoBe Life Water, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Aquafina FlavorSplash and Dasani flavored options from the Coca-Cola Company.

Recently, it was announced that Coca-Cola’s newest drink won’t come in a bottle or a can. And people will only need a squirt or two to quench their thirst.  Dasani Drops, which can be squeezed into water for quick flavor will soon be on store shelves.

Dasani Drops will not be the first flavored drops on the market as Kraft Food Inc.’s MiO was introduced last March.

The drops are popular because they come in small, portable containers that can be easily carried in a purse, coat pocket or in the console of a car.  Unlike pre-flavored waters and powdered drink packets, consumers can decide how much or how little they want to squirt into their water.  Manufacturers often claim that a small bottle can hold more than two dozen servings and be more economical than bottles of enhanced waters.

As with Kraft’s MiO drinks, the new Dasani Drops will use artificial sweeteners and contain zero calories.

I’ll probably give these a try because I know how important it is to drink plenty of water and I know how boring it is to drink from the taps in my kitchen and office.  I suppose, for me, my decision will depend upon the flavors that they offer.

Will you try Dasani Drops?

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  1. I’ll just drink water.
    This is a massive plot to make people spend money on things they don’t need.
    Bottled water, for the most part, isn’t any better than tap. And drops of flavor are just the newest gimmick.
    I ain’t falling fer it.


  2. My husband drinks lots & lots of water & is always after me to drink more water, but I don’t like the taste of water (even though he claims water has no flavor – & that is my point)! I have recently tried Mio (Berry punch) & I thought it was delicious. My first glass was a little sweet because of the artificial sweetener, so I adjusted the amount I squirted & now I drink at least a couple glasses of water a day (which is twice as much as I used to drink). I like the fact I can adjust the taste to my own preference depending on how much I squirt. There have been some flavor packets in the past which were powder & much harder to adjust than Mio. So far I’m liking it! I would definitely go for something which tastes of pineapple coconut!


  3. For years, I have been happy to drink bottled water, refilling the bottles with filtered water from my fridge. I imagine I will handily resist this latest marketing ploy to diddle with my water.


  4. Pure water is good, but sometimes when you’re out trekking in the woods doing your military reservist… you’ll appreciate that little bit of extra flavor to keep you going. I’d totally get this!


  5. Artificial sweetener… ‘Nuff said


  6. On the other hand, LadyRyl’s father finds that All artificial sweeteners have a dry, dusty aftertaste. Iced tea at home and thermos/hydrator bottles, refilled from a filtered tap, in the field.


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