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Diatribe: Overly-Repeated Television Commercials.


I’m a creature of habit and one of my habits is television. It’s always on in the background of my life. In the mornings, when I dress and get ready for the office, I watch the local news. I find it helpful to hear a weather forecast and traffic report before I start my day. I enjoy the news anchors and I trust the weatherman but I can’t stand the commercials … mostly, because they feature the same few advertisements over and over for months at a time.  Visitors would get the impression that everyone in the viewing area needs a room and a visit to the dentist.  Some mornings we see the same commercial four times in a thirty-minute segment.

The same is often true during prime time. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen this Pepsi commercial I could pay off my car.

We’ve been bombarded with this particular advertisement since last January.  Maybe it’s working or Pepsi wouldn’t be paying to show it to us quite so much.  (Don’t be surprised if you’re still singing this song in your mind hours from now.)

Another example is the McDonald’s commercial in which a man pretends to speak French to impress a woman who sits beside him on a park bench.  I wonder why a company with the reach and bankroll of McDonald’s doesn’t create new advertisements more frequently.  I also wonder why television stations, both local and national affiliates, don’t have more advertisers.

Does seeing the same commercials all the time annoy you, too?

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  1. Rick permalink

    I don’t like seeing the same commercials over & over & over…. But one thing I hate more is the exact set of the same commercials if I am watching “On Demand”. I sometimes catch up on a series & they show the exact same set of commercials in all of the series. I already pay a premium for cable, add on for DVR, add on for extended hour DVR…. If I’m using your demand service, PLEASE skip the commercials.


  2. It is annoying when the same commercial is played repeatedly during a program I am watching. If they are going to buy so many advertising spots, they should at least have a few different commercials! The bombardment of the same commercial helps me to realize I will not be buying a product from the company.


  3. It is always the obnoxious ones that they run for years. The clever ones? You see once or twice. But the annoying car ads with folks shouting and dancing? Oy, they’re on every time I turn on the TV!


  4. We see many commercials in Chattanooga featuring the children of local business owners, and the kids usually get the last line. Invariably, they sound as if their mouths were full of oatmeal: I can’t understand a single word they say. I hit the “Mute” button for a lot of commercials.


  5. Unfortunately, commercials are extremely expensive to shoot & so advertisers tend to hang on to them for quite a while. Also, there is the chance of people becoming brand sensitive when they hear the same thing over & over. Who can forget “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is?” I bet you were just singing this jingle weren’t you? When you need a tissue do you ask for a tissue or a Kleenex? I also hate commercials – hence DVR!!


  6. When you get old enough, you start to notice that they repeat from year to year. The same ones that played last Easter are on again this Easter. There may be new electronics, but pens and calculators are forever. The same Labor Day/back-to-school Staples ads from last year are playing again. They’re actually careful not to mention specific products, just wave paper and clipboards as they dance past, extolling their virtues.


  7. I agree completely!That’s why I like to DVR everything and fast forward through them. I found you on the best post of the week hop, feel free to check me out at http;//


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