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Ovation: The Inspirational Dancing Of Jean Sok.


I can’t dance.  I know and understand how it’s done but I’m simply not coordinated, determined, athletic, patient, artistic or motivated enough to make it happen.  Even though my classmates and I learned to square dance in middle school on rainy days when we couldn’t go outdoors for recess and I studied Ballroom Dance in college to fulfill a physical education requirement, I still can’t dance.  I’ve spent many evenings in Top 40 dance bars and had more opportunities than most to participate in country line dancing but I still can’t dance.  I’ve, long ago, come to terms with my failure and have gained a profound respect for those who can dance.

This is probably why I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance, FOX Television’s search for “America’s Favorite Dancer”.  As a part of this week’s Season 9 Finale, amputee dancer Jean Sok was featured as a guest performer.

I found his performance to be emotional and truly moving.  To acquire the artistic athleticism necessary to be a professional dancer is a remarkable accomplishment.  On par with gymnasts, dancers require exceptional strength to perform choreographed dance routines involving lifts, spins and intricate movements and they must make their movement look effortless, artistic and ultimately beautiful.

Most dancers are in peak physical condition, they’re extremely strong and extraordinarily limber.  They understand the skeletal and muscular structures of their bodies and train for many years and years to control their movements.  To be able to dance with only one leg is not only a remarkable talent, but a testament to perseverance and determination.  To be able to do it as well as Jean Sok is beautifully inspirational.

Do you think you can dance?

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  1. Oh, I can dance.
    Just not like that!
    What an inspiration.


  2. Dude I can’t even play Dance Central on my Xbox without tripping on myself!


  3. I don’t dance, but I do like watching those who can.


  4. I used to dance up a storm, but now I can only watch too. I love So You Think You Can Dance & Dancing with the Stars!!!! I think dancing is a great artistic expession.


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