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Ovation: “Finding Nemo” Returns To Theaters In 3D.


Almost ten years ago, Pixar’s Finding Nemo won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.  The beautifully animated film tells the story of a father fish looking for his little son, Nemo, as he struggles to make his way back home to the ocean.  The filmmakers populated the animated water world with a school of clever characters including Marlin, Dory, a trio of sharks and a surfing turtle.  The beautiful animation and the beautiful story are perfectly suited for this week’s revival in 3D.

Finding Nemo is an ideal choice for a 3D re-release.  The film’s setting in the Pacific Ocean is majestic, and evokes the vast expanse of water while bringing the viewer into the world of the tiny fish characters.  The original film’s use of digital and stop-motion animation is said to give 3D technicians more options and control in adapting the original material than some 3D conversions.

The perfectly-cast voices of Albert Brooks as Nemo and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory will continue to bring life to the characters are we see them in 3D for the first time.  While every visual detail that we enjoyed so much in the film’s original release should be enhanced by new 3D technology, the beautiful spirit and emotion of Finding Nemo should remain unchanged.

Are you anxious to see Finding Nemo in 3D?

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  1. I was never a fan of Finding Nemo. Sure it’s pretty… but not my fave.


  2. There was a pelican character known as Gerald (who in the final film ends up swallowing and choking on Marlin and Dory) who was originally a friend of Nigel. They were going to play against each other as Nigel being neat fastidious while Gerald being scruffy and sloppy. However the filmmakers could not find an appropriate scene for them that didn’t slow the pace of the picture down, so Gerald’s character was minimized.


    • Yes, Gerald is a brown pelican who is a friend of Nigel. In the film, Gerald does scoop up Marlin and Dory after the two fish arrive at the Sydney Harbour. Marlin thinks he and Dory are about to be eaten, so they lodge themselves in Gerald’s throat, making him choke. The other pelicans, including Nigel, witness Gerald choking, and Nigel flies over to help his friend. Gerald opens his mouth to reveal Marlin and Dory to Nigel, who then hits Gerald’s neck, making him spit out Marlin and Dory, who then tries to escape from becoming a food for pelicans. Gerald didn’t swallow them.


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