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Diatribe: Las Vegas, Your Goretorium Doesn’t Scare Me.


I don’t really get frightened.  I have friends and loved ones who are terrified by snakes or spiders and others who are afraid to use their telephone during a thunderstorm.  For me, horror movies can be quite entertaining, particularly when they’re suspenseful and don’t rely on blood and gore to shock the audience.  While I rarely find myself in a state of fear, I do, however, get startled and I’m often apprehensive.

For the last several years, usually on a Saturday evening in October be Halloween, I’ve joined a group of friends on an outing to The Haunted Woods.  During this time of year, there are haunted houses, haunted fire stations, haunted libraries … haunted just-about-anything … scattered about to frighten thrill seekers everywhere.  I have a great time on these adventures (margaritas beforehand don’t hurt) but I never get really scared.

Perhaps I need to go to Nevada where the Goretorium will open later this week.

The Goretorium, the first year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas, is the work of Eli Roth, the actor/writer/director famous for low-budged, blood and gore movies like Hostel.  The hotel, known as “The Delmont”, is a 60s-era hotel whose owners make sure the guests enter and never leave.  The Delmont features a haunted elevator, a go-go-lounge and a chapel that will be available for weddings.  The plan is for the Goretorium to be a destination for tourists and horror fans from around the world.

Management insists that every detail has been considered including costumes, sound design and even the slot machines in the lobby’s casino.  At any one time, it is anticipated that 35-40 actors will be at work to scare up surprises for guests.  The floor plan is said to be interactive and free-form so that guests can choose their own path … perhaps to a bathroom where the mirrors drip blood.  New features will routinely be added to keep the experience fresh and new.  Supposedly, it will take repeat customers six or seven trips to see everything.

Unless this fright fest relies almost exclusively on suspense, I don’t find it interesting.  Of course, if the gang wants me to join them, I’ll go … but mostly for the margaritas beforehand.

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  1. To be scared or not to be scared. Relax, think of all the things that could go wrong the what ifs and enjoy being frighten! That’s the way I like to enter haunted attractions. Scared before I get there. Oh and margaritas!


  2. Maybe if I was there and someone gave me free tickets I might go… Movie gore in slasher films has gone so over the top, that it’s almost impossible to take it seriously anymore. What was formerly shocking is now deathly dull because it has been so overdone, to the point of being done to death… but not in the way that its creators intended. Lol


  3. wcdameron permalink

    Sounds kind of cool, but I would probably spend my money at Krave. The go-go boys are predictable, but I’d rather watch a six pack than mirrors dripping blood. 🙂


    • I’ve never heard of Krave, but I know for certain that I don’t ever want to miss a chance to see Cirque de Soleil! Cirque will get my Vegas money long before a haunted hotel.


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