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Ovation: Liam Neeson Is A Really Good Sport.


I’m all for raising awareness for various causes.  Over the years, I’ve participated in many walks, marches and other fund-raisers, but never on national television.  Liam Neeson was willing to strip down to hot pink underwear for the sake of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On Monday, the movie star visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and emerged on stage in a pink bathrobe.  He had agreed to sit in a dunk tank while an audience member tried to get him soaked in exchange for a donation to DeGeneres’ charity Ellen for the Cure.

Because DeGeneres and the audience member were able to hit the target that made the, apparently, cold water rain down on top of him, Shutterly donated the agreed upon $20,000 toward breast cancer research.

“Liam Neeson raised $20,042 wearing this outfit.  $20,000 from Shutterfly, and $43 in singles stuck in his speedo.”  Ellen Degeners via Twitter (with photo attached)

At 60, Neeson, who has appeared in 80+ movies will next be seen on the big screen in Taken 2, the action thriller sequel to 2008’s Taken.  Neeson returns to the role of Bryan Mills, a retired Intelligence agent who must rely on his lethal skills to rescue loved ones from a hostage situation.

While Liam Neeson is, clearly, a very good sport, it is highly doubtful that he will be seen in theaters wearing a pink speedo any time soon.

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  1. Good sport…especially in the pink briefs!


  2. Liam is definitely a good sport. Anyone who can put aside their celebrity for a good cause is alright with me.

    Ed “Chap” Chapman


  3. Even at 60, he’s still looking mighty fine. And he is indeed a very good sport for doing that. He looks like he’d have a pretty good sense of humor, but it’s nice to see. And Ellen is the best. I just love her. I think she’s one of those people that you just can’t help but like.


  4. I agree with Mr. Chap, I like it when celebrities can get out of their own way & make a difference!


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