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Ovation: America’s Funniest Home Videos.


My family has always taken a lot of pictures.  Every vacation, birthday and special occasion has been documented with photographs.  For many years, our pictures were developed into “slides”.  My grandparents, in particular, would work diligently to sort and organize all of the slides and store them in special trays that would load into a projector.  They meticulously stored them all, often in chronological order, so that we could watch “slideshows” whenever we gathered together.  After many family dinners, the children would beg to watch slides until Grandpa set up the screen and projector.  We’d find our places on the floor and enjoy the show.

Our family slideshows were a major event.  Taking the pictures was a big deal to begin with, what with expensive films and “flash cubes”, the cost of development and the equipment to project the photos for all to see, so we took them very seriously.

By the time it was affordable to make home videos, all of the children were grown.

Soon thereafter, ABC Television introduced America’s Funniest Home Videos, a program composed of short, humorous homemade videos submitted by viewers.  The show is always fun to watch because of the fast pace and the often hilarious accidents and practical jokes that viewers are able to capture on video.  The show’s current host, Tom Bergeron, also adds a lot of fun to the program.

The twenty-third season begins tonight and makes it the longest-running primetime show in ABC history.  In its twenty-three seasons, Americans Funniest Home Videos has given away more than twelve million dollars in prize money and considered more than a million videos from home viewers.

For many years, viewers were invited to mail VHS tapes to the studio in order to be considered for the program.  In more recent years, submissions can be quickly uploaded via the internet.  It’s amazing to think that we used to have to wait weeks, or even months, in order to see slides from our vacation and today everyone with a smart phone can record a video and immediately share it with the world in a matter of seconds.

I like to think that families, everywhere, gather to watch videos together and share some laughs while they reminisce and make new memories.

Do you enjoy America’s Funniest Home Videos?

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  1. Amy Smith permalink

    Love that show too! It’s light and funny and a good family show to watch. Makes me think I need to take more videos to capture those memories!!


  2. My parents used to take a lot of 8 mm movies when my sister & I were young. And then we could watch them as a family when grandparents or other relatives visited. Good memories. I have watched America’s Funniest Home Videos from time to time & always enjoyed it.


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