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Diatribe: “TV’s Number One Show” … Really? Why Do We Tolerate False Advertising?


I hate false advertising.  It seems that it’s becoming increasingly tolerated by the masses.

One cold December morning many years ago, I arrived at my doctor’s office for an 8:00 a.m. appointment.  There were several other patients waiting in the cold when the eight o’clock hour passed and the clinic didn’t open.  The sign displayed on the door clearly indicated that the clinic’s business hours began at 8:00 yet patients were not allowed to enter.  We could tell, from the number of cars in the parking lot, that employees were inside the clinic but still they didn’t unlock the door.

When the door was finally unlocked at 8:20, and the waiting patients were allowed to enter, I was angry enough to ask to speak to a supervisor who told me that the receptionist had arrived late and that’s why the door wasn’t unlocked on time.  I explained to him that I found this to be completely unacceptable and that I would no longer entrust my health and that of my loved ones to a clinic that leaves sick people outside in the cold.  Needless to say, I quickly found a new doctor.

Lately, I’ve been confused by what seems an inordinate amount of television programs claiming to be “TV’s Number One Show”.  At least one of the season’s “biggest hits”, ABC’s Nashville, hasn’t even debuted yet!  How can they make these claims and why does no one question their claims.  They can’t ALL be number one!  It certainly seems like false advertising to me.

How can they all make the same claim?  And why doesn’t anyone seem to notice or even care?

The clinic that made me wait out in the cold has since closed and I’ve remained loyal to my new doctor who appears to sincerely care about the service that his staff provides.

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  1. It’s the #! New Show because it’s getting so much good press.
    It’s a #1 New Show because they only polled 12-year-old girls.
    It’s a #1 New Show because the demographic of 49-year-olds says so.

    So many stats, and so many ways to dissect them and manipulate them, and they all say the same thing: It TV’s #1 show!

    Even when they aren’t.


    • The way I see it … they can’t all be right. Someone might be guilty of false advertising.

      Then again, I supposed claims of “Fall’s Most Popular Drama”, “America’s Favorite New Comedy” or “One of the season’s Best New Shows” are all subjective enough to not be false.


  2. Hey – no commenting on your own post! Especially when it is what I was going to say.

    The #1 claims are very specific, Monday Night #1 Comedy about broke girls with a badly written script that isn’t funny at 9pm on another network or cable channel.


    • Last night’s episode was even DIRTIER than previous episodes. And, bless their hearts, those two girls are not going to win any Emmy Awards for acting any time soon.


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