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Ovation: Justin Bieber Can Really Sing.


Far too many pop singers rely on technology to enhance their voices.  For every superior vocalist like Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson, there seems to be three like Ashley Simpson or Britney Spears.  While performers who utilize electronic voice enhancement devices or pantomime/lip-synch techniques to maximize their vocals can still be highly entertaining, they’re often not the most gifted vocal musicians.

For years, both male and female singers, when performing live, have relied on assistance of many types to make each performance sound consistent with the original recordings of their songs that fans know and love.  Sometimes a singer is under the weather and unable to sing at their best so they use a pre-recorded track to deliver the quality performance that they think their fans deserve.  Many performers include elaborate and physically demanding choreography in their productions and, again to deliver the quality performance that they think their fans deserve, will sometimes sip-synch as they dance.

I always assumed that the success of teen superstar Justin Bieber was more the result of ingenious marketing than actual artistic talent.  Until I saw video from the 18-year-old singer ‘s acoustical performance that was pre-recorded for BBC Radio 1’s 2012 Teen Awards that proved to me that there really is a musician behind the media hype.

Since he performed the song solo, he also sang the rap verse that features Big Sean in the original recording.  (He doesn’t need Big Sean.)

I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of Bieber’s rise to fame after being discovered in 2008 by a talent manager who stumbled across his homemade videos on YouTube and later became his manager.  His whole story seems somehow manufactured to me.  But, the more that I hear him sing the more I believe that he may well be a genuinely good singer with a long career ahead of him.

What do you think?  Does this acoustical performance influence your opinion, too?

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  1. Not really.
    Not a fan.


  2. cassia permalink

    he has great charisma, a genuine angel.


  3. I knew he has a decent voice. But…….I will still run screaming AWAY from him as fast as those little girls run towards him 🙂


  4. Travis permalink

    I can’t even get myself to watch the video. The name alone sends me running out of a room feeling ill. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!


  5. Rick permalink

    I think he’s great. I thought it was manufactured also. I must admit ill be looking for the acoustic version on iTunes. Thank you for presenting a new way for me to see him.


  6. Like a puppy with big paws, he may grow into it, but, until now, did anyone over twelve really care? Speaking of manufactured, nobody in the audience did more than smile, yet there was a soundtrack of dozens of girls screaming. Good or not, he ain’t my style. Where’s Tull, or ELO, or Fleetwood?


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