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Diatribe: Fighting A Stop Sign.


On the road to our house, there’s a three-way intersection.  Drivers travelling in each of the three directions are met by a stop sign.  The intersection is “in the country” and it’s quite rare that two cars arrive there at the same time.  Frequently, motorists will roll through the intersection without coming to a complete stop.

I imagine that most of the locals would fight to have at least one of the stop signs removed.

Figuratively speaking.

Unlike Raymond Garcia of Roswell, New Mexico, who last week was arrested for, literally, fighting a stop sign.

Earlier this week, police were informed of a man literally fighting a stop sign and discovered 45-year-old Garcia, who appeared to be high on an unidentified drug, at the scene.  Soon after their arrival on the scene, Garcia turned his anger toward the officers.

“Usually when somebody is tased, their muscles contract and don’t allow them to do anything, and that’s why you normally see them fall to the ground,  So this person, Garcia, had to be on some sort of drug possibly that was not allowing his system to react normally.” – Sabrina Morales, Roswell Police Department.

Officers were eventually able to subdue Garcia and he was jailed on charges of aggravated assault against a peace officer, disarming, and resisting officers.

There is no word yet on whether the stop sign will press charges.

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  1. If I were that stop sign, I would totally press charges. After all, I’d already told him to STOP. (I simply couldn’t resist, D&O)


  2. Travis permalink

    Worse living through chemistry – a prime example of what drugs do to a human.


  3. Is this like “you can’t fight city hall?”


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