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Diatribe: Bus Driver Road Rage.


I have a good friend that owns and drives a motor coach for a living.  It’s a large, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line bus that includes all the bells and whistles that a rock star might expect when they go on the road.  Twelve people can sleep comfortably on the motor coach as it travels from destination to destination and there’s plenty of room for meals to be prepared, drinks to be served and televisions to watch.

He’s driven for country stars, “grunge” bands and many different entertainers.  Many times, his tour bus will accommodate the band’s road crew (sound technicians, “roadies”, etc.) and not the headline performers.  The stories that he tells are amazing.

I don’t imagine they compare to those of the average bus driver.

For example, Artis Hughes, a bus driver in Cleveland, was recently suspended from his job after he punched a woman in the face and physically tossed her into the street.  Apparently, the woman had not paid her fare and had been taunting him during a ride … so much so that other passengers decided to record the exchange.  The following video is one example. (Contains language possibly NSFW)

Apparently, the woman pressured him to the point of hostility resulting in his stopping the bus.  He then stood up from the driver’s seat and landed an uppercut on the woman’s chin before lifting her off her feet and throwing her, physically, into the street.  The woman climbed back onto the bus and threw punches of her own before other passengers were able to break up the brawl.

“She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man.” – Cleveland Bus Driver, Artis Hughes

Hughes has since been removed from duty pending an investigation into the incident by authorities within Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority.  It was reported that, while transit and local police were called to the scene, both parties declined to press charges.

I love to hear my friend’s stories about his travels.  Admittedly, a comparison between the circumstances on his bus and those on public transportation might be unfair however the mechanics of the businesses are quite similar.  Never has he told a story that involved him physically ejecting a passenger from the bus.  I think he’d agree that it’s a bus driver’s duty to see that passengers arrive safely at their destination in a timely and comfortable manner … even those he might like to punch in the face.

Have you ever encountered violence on public transportation?


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  1. It’s amazing how different bus drivers can be, having taken public transportation for a few years. It’s nice when you get the same driver every day, they know who is supposed to be on their bus, so if you’re a couple minutes behind & running down the street they’ll wait for you.


    • I’ve never had a problem with a bus driver. My father drove a school bus for many years and found it very satisfying.

      Other passengers, on the other hand, have annoyed me on more than one occasion.


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