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Diatribe: How Many Preschoolers Do You Think You Should Put In Your Hatchback?


Very few of us remember much about our preschool, or nursery school, days.  We were quite young and just beginning to understand the concept of learning.  Preschool is when most of us are taught important building blocks for learning … like colors and days of the week.  For many, it’s the first interaction with peers and the first opportunity to understand how to be a part of a group.  But not a group like Melanie Minnie’s class.

Ms. Minnie, a nursery school teacher in South Africa, recently took nineteen students on a class trip to a local restaurant in her tiny hatchback car!  The teacher, who works for Rietfontein nursery school in Gauteng, crammed nineteen kids into her Renault Clio … three on the front seat, ten in the backseat and six in the hatchback.

A concerned onlooker witnessed the teacher unloading twelve of the children from her car while stopped at a shopping center and alerted the authorities.  Apparently, the teacher was surprised to have been pulled over and didn’t realize that what she was doing was in any way unacceptable.  She was fined 1,500 rand, a little less than $175 US Dollars.

I don’t really remember much of anything about my preschool days except at Christmastime when we unpack all of our family decorations and come across an ornament that I made in preschool.  It was an art project that the class created using colored egg shells that we crushed and glued to the sides of a cardboard star … red on one side and green on the other.  Each Christmas throughout my childhood, my mother would proudly hang that eggshell star on the family Christmas tree.

I’ll keep hanging that ugly star on our Christmas tree (on the back, against the wall, where no one can see it) as long as it will hold together.  I feel a strong attachment to that star and the memories that cling to it.  I imagine that the kids in Ms. Minnie’s nursery school class will have vivid memories of at least one of their preschool days!

Do you have any preschool memories to share?


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  1. For some odd reason, I remember the little snack box my mother sent me to preschool with everyday. The lunch box looked like a barn and the thermos inside was the silo. There was always half a plain peanut butter sandwich on white bread waiting for me inside the barn.


  2. wcdameron permalink

    I remember “painting” the outside brick wall with a paintbrush and a bucket of water. How easily we were amused back then…


  3. I lived so far back in the boonies they shipped us sunshine through a pipeline. They finally built a new school c/w a Kindergarten, when I was in grade four. No preschool for me, just play and learn on my own.


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