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Diatribe: Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Romney.


I studied “statistics” and “probability” for quite some time in college.  One of the first things that students learn is the Bell Curve, which gets its name because its shape looks like that of a bell, which illustrates the concept of probability distributions.  Politically, in days gone by, a bell curve might indicate that statistically fewer numbers would be found at each extreme … that whether Democrat or Republican, the majority of voters fell somewhere in the middle.

Those days are, clearly, behind us as we find our nation more divided than any time, arguably, since the Civil War.  Those in the middle appear to be in the minority.  It used to be that one could be “socially conservative” or “fiscally liberal” but it appears that these are no longer options.  I’m relatively certain that there are Liberal Christians and Conservative Democrats among us but I don’t understand gay Republicans.

The Log Cabin Republicans is the only Republican organization dedicated to representing the interests of gay and lesbian Americans and their allies.  Their mission statement begins with “We stand for the proposition that all of us are created equal – worthy of the same rights to freedom, liberty, and equality”, yet they’ve officially endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President.  I find this confusing since throughout Romney’s campaign his message to LGBT Americans appears to be that their relationships should not be recognized by the federal government, they want and expect special privileges and they are all evil child-molesting perverted abominations who will bring about the end of civilization with their sickness.  Here’s an example.

“The Log Cabin Republicans have proven once and for all that they are not an organization aligned with the LGBT movement.  They are a Republican front group bumbling their way into fooling LGBT voters that it’s OK to support a party that would legislate us back into the closet.  Their endorsement of Mitt Romney isn’t just shameful – it’s insulting.  Mitt Romney stands for nothing positive for LGBT people.  He supports a federal marriage amendment (which was a reason for Log Cabin to refuse to endorse George W. Bush in 2004).  He supports McCarthy-like investigations into our community for evidence of ‘harassment of Christians’.  He opposes the repeal of DOMA.  He opposes ENDA.  He’s even said things as basic as the right to visit your sick or dying loved one in the hospital is a ‘privilege’ and not a right.” – Jerame Davis, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, via press release.

Because being gay is only one small factor in the personality and the mind of an LGBT American, it’s possible to understand how a gay person might vote for a Republican candidate.  After all, there are many, many issues to consider before we each cast our vote in every election.  But, while the Log Cabin Republicans “believe that the GOP is stronger when it does not alienate LGBT people or their friends and family through antigay rhetoric and policies”, it certainly appears to me that they are sending a mixed message with this endorsement.

Surely, there are more fair-minded voters in the middle of the bell curve than extremists at either end.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Politicians could not give a rat’s ass about same sex marriage. All they care about is protecting their insurance buddies that contribute millions to their campaign funds. They don’t want their buddies to have to pay for spousal benefits. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…


  2. Barneysday permalink

    Like other front groups, I doubt the Log Cabin RepubliCANTS are truly aligned with the LGBT movement.


  3. You may have studied statistics and probability, but you didn’t study stupidity. And that’s precisely where this falls.

    Total, utter stupidity. They deserve what they get. Sadly, if Romney wins, the rest of us DON’T deserve him.


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