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Ovation: Spider-Man Washes Windows.


(This guy scared me half to death.)

There are many days when I count my blessings and relish in the fact that I work indoors.  When I see construction crews on a cold January morning or roofers in the blazing August heat, it makes me love my job even more.  Sitting in my temperature controlled office on the fifth floor with a beautiful view of the horizon, I realize how lucky I am … never more so than on the days that the windows of our building get washed.  About once each quarter, a team of window washers work from ropes attached on the roof as they dangle precariously on the side of the building.  There is nothing more startling than to turn and see a person on the outside of your office window.

Window washers at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, recently wore Spider-Man costumes as they worked in a quest to bring smiles to the faces of the patients inside.  Apparently, it worked.

“SO AWESOME to see them dressed up and making the kids and many adults smile!  Thanks from those who work at LB, we loved this!” Sara Warhurst, an employee at the hospital via Facebook.

Apparently, superheroes frequently pay visits to children’s hospitals around the world, spreading cheer and well wishes to the young patients.  Be it Batman arriving on a motorcycle or Iron Man in the lobby signing autographs, seeing these familiar superhero faces always brings a smile to the face of the young patients.  And it often comes at just the right time.

I like to think, should my job require me to rappel from a rope on the side of a huge office building or hospital, that I would be happy to wear a costume that might bring some cheer to sick children.  Besides, the costume might keep me a bit warmer.

Is your job dangerous?


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  1. That is so awesome that they did that for those kids. Great post!


  2. Hilarious idea!


  3. This is a fun way to see those people clean the windows, not to mention their experience of being Spidey for a day. If you looking for superhero attire, CostumeExpress has Spider-man costumes.


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