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Diatribe: Dollar Rent A Car Rant.


I’ve always thought that “vacation money spends easier”.  For example, when I’m on vacation at the beach I won’t hesitate to pay outrageous prices that I would never agree to at home.  Somehow, the atmosphere and the relaxation help to justify the cost.  The expense of a family vacation at a theme park, too, can be justified when we realize that you can’t really put a price on the memories that we make.

But when we do put a price on something we need to honor it.  Which was not the case when I recently rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car.

Customer Service 2W2
Dollar Rent A Car, Inc.
P.O. Box 33167
Tulsa, OK  74153-1167

October 24, 2012

                Re:  Disappointing Service At Dallas Love Field

To Whom It May Concern:

As a frequent traveler I’ve had many experiences, both good and bad, with various customer service individuals at airports and rental car locations around the country.  The worst experience, however, involved a Dollar Rent A Car employee in the Dallas Love Field Airport terminal location.

Last Friday, I arrived to pick up a car that I had arranged to rent via the internet some time ago.  After much research and several telephone calls, I had agreed upon a weekend rate of $150 as well as pick-up and return arrangements.  However, when I arrived at Dallas Love the clerk at the Dollar counter all but refused to honor the previously arranged price.  According to her calculations and including various add-ons to which I had not agreed, she tried to charge me $298 instead of the agreed upon rate of $150.

She aggressively, and rudely, insisted that I purchase a full tank of gasoline in advance regardless of the amount that I would be using.  She took a deposit in the amount of $369, an outrageous 246% of my agreed upon rate, and did so with a most negative and unpleasant attitude.

Realizing that customer service was not her forte, and not wanting to find myself a pedestrian stranded in an airport, I signed her electronic contract and proceeded to the Dollar car lot where I spoke with a supervisor on duty.  He apologized for the clerk’s behavior and offered me a 10% discount and a free upgrade to a larger car.

Travelers have many choices when it comes to rental cars and since they all, basically, offer the same cars the differences between them boil down to price and customer service.  Dollar Rent A Car failed in providing both to me last weekend.

Kindly remind your employees, from clerks to district managers, that customer service is the only real product that distinguishes Dollar Rent A Car from other car rental companies and that when the service they provide is sub-par, a customer is lost forever.


Of course I don’t expect to receive a response from Dollar Rent A Car.  I hope, however, that management at the company appreciates feedback from customers.  I think we all should take the time to point out extraordinary service, both good and bad, when the opportunity presents itself.  Asking to “speak to a manager” doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

My vacation money might “spend easier” but I still expect to get what I pay for.

What’s  your worst car-renting story?


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  1. I rent cars quite often and will always stick with Enterprise because of their customer service. They’ve gone over-and-above on several occasions.


  2. I’ve never done Dollar–usually it’s Enterprise–but I would have had no problem telling her where she could shove her $298 and I would have asked to speak to the highest person in charge and ripped them a new one.
    And then i would have gone elsewhere.


    • I usually use Hertz because we have a person at the office that helps out. But this time I made a reservation online. I almost walked away to another counter but didn’t want to risk becoming a pedestrian.

      I ended up paying $197.


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