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Ovation: Flu Shots May Prevent Heart Attacks.


Every October, my office makes arrangements for an on-site visit from a “mobile nurse” so that everyone can get a flu shot.  They figure it’s in their best interest to make it easy for all the employees to get the shot so they pay for it and make it as easy as possible.  They also offer, at the employee’s expense, Vitamin B12 shots, and others.  I’ve always taken advantage of the free flu shot and (knock on wood) I’ve never gotten the flu.

A new study from Canada indicates that these shots may not only lower our risk of influenza, but they may also lower our risk of heart disease.  In the study, people who received the flu vaccine, compared with people in an un-vaccinated control group, were fifty-percent less likely to experience a heart attack or stroke and forty percent less likely to die from one.

Researchers, who presented their finding in Toronto this week, are optimistic in stating that the vaccine could be an important way to maintain heart health and to ward off strokes and heart attacks.

It would seem that, simply foot, the flu vaccine might also be a heart vaccine.  The reason for the link between the two is not exactly clear, it is believed that when people develop heart disease there is usually a factor resulting from the flu that is involved.  Further, they believe that when someone gets the flu, blood levels of “inflammatory substances” rise, and inflammation of the blood vessels can trigger heart attacks.

Even if the flu vaccine reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke by as little as ten percent, these vaccinations could make a major dent in saving lives.

Admittedly, I was initially hesitant to get a vaccination from a travelling nurse.  However, once I learned to understand the methods used to ensure patient safety, I grew to trust the system.  The nurse that visits our office is a skilled professional trained for the purpose of maintaining a safe and sterilized environment in which to give the injections.  Having received the injection in this manner for several years now, I’m certain that I’d rather have a nurse visit my office than get a shot from someone in the back of a pharmacy in a grocery store.

Either way, I now have another reason to be glad that I get an annual flu shot.

Do you get a flu shot every year?


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  1. Yes, yes I do as does every member of my family.


  2. Very interesting post. I am not a flu vaccine person, but this makes me rethink that posture. Thanks, BTG


  3. In Canada, people with respiratory problems go to the front of the list for flu shots. Last week I attended my doctor’s office for an unrelated matter & was offered the flu shot of which I took advantage. When I went to the pharmacy later, I was again offered the flu shot, but I declined because I’d already had it in the morning.
    The large corporation I worked for always made flu shots available to all staff over a 2 – 3 day basis. I have been having the flu shot for many years due to respiratory problems. I also have received a pneumonia shot. Hubby does not believe in flu shots & the only year I was able to talk him into getting the flu shot, he claimed he got the flu, but he didn’t – just had a mild reaction to his first shot.
    Great to know I may be getting the added benefit of heart attack reduction from the flue shot!


  4. Rick permalink

    I wonder if its an accidental discovery with no relation? Are persons that receive the flu shot healthier persons, therefore reducing their risk?? Are the persons that refuse preventive care in the form of a flu shot also persons that shun other preventative measures?? I’m always intrigued.


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