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Diatribe: Gun Hidden In Book And Donated To Library.


We have a “book-safe” on a bookshelf in our living room.  It’s a metal box that locks and was made to look like a book.  I don’t remember the title of the book and, honestly, couldn’t tell you where the key is hidden.  We bought several of them to give away as Christmas gifts a few years ago and ended up with one of our own.  The book-safe reminded me of old movies that showed the pages of a book, usually a Bible, having been removed to make room for a flask.  No one would suspect to find something stored in a book.

I don’t know what I thought I might keep in this book-safe when I placed it among the few volumes on the shelf, but it was an interesting conversation piece at the least.  I suppose it would be a good place to keep a little cash, to store extra keys or to squirrel away some emergency chocolate and, if one is so inclined, a small handgun might also fit inside.

It might be easy to forget what’s hidden in one of these safes.  But, surely, unlike someone in Valparaiso, Indiana, I’d be wise enough to notice that the book had something inside it before I donated it to a local library.

Last week, an employee of the Porter County Public Library opened a donated hardback and discovered a gun inside.  Tucked into a hollowed-out space in a book called “Outerbridge Reach” by Robert Stone was a .31-caliber, single shot, ASM brand with a gold/wooden handle.

Authorities were alerted and it was determined that the gun had not been reported as stolen.

Maybe someone had passed away without divulging the location of their weapon?  Perhaps the gun had simply been forgotten?  Of course, there could be someone in Indiana who’s saying to themselves “I wondered what happened to that gun!”

How do you think it got there?


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One Comment
  1. Hey!
    I wasn’t finished reading that book.
    Or shooting that gun!


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