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Ovation: Top Ten Scary Halloween Candies For 2012.


Trick-or-Treating was almost as good as Christmas for a sweet-toothed kid like me. Back in the days when it was ok to wear one of those plastic masks that made your face sweat so much you couldn’t see, and we didn’t worry about “reflective tape” on our costumes or razor blades in our taffy apples, we’d happy go from door to door smiling and giggling as each of our neighbors handed us treats. One year, I had to make two trips because my bag broke! Another year, I had to come up with a last-minute costume because my great vision of tying enough yard to the top of a stocking cap to make my own Cousin It (of The Adams Family fame) costume was an utter failure.

While so many others spend all their time and energy on their costumes, for me it was always about the candy! I never carried one of those plastic pumpkins with the plastic strap for a handle … too small! I was more of a shopping bag or pillow case Trick-or-Treater. After the torn-bag incident, I would put a spare in my bag just in case. Eventually, we’d learn which houses gave out the “good candy” and which houses would give big handfuls of candy we didn’t like.

Eventually, my mother would put all of our Halloween candy in large wooden salad bowl and set it on top of the refrigerator in an attempt to ration the sweets as best she could. (Nice try, Mom, we pushed kitchen chairs and climbed up there faster than cats.) Round about November 10th, there would be nothing in that bowl but butterscotch hard candies, Bit-O-Honey bars and those sticky taffy things wrapped in black cellophane that (almost) nobody likes. Some types of candy were better than others but none of them were particularly scary. recently announced the top ten candies to frighten little Trick-or-Treaters when they come to your door this year.

1) Forkz – Lollipops that look like eyeballs gouged out with forks.

2) Chocolate Body Parts – Peanut-butter filled and chocolate coated ears, eyes, lips and even more.

3) Gummy Mummies – Wrapped for centuries.

4) Gummy Body Parts – Gummy candies in the somewhat unappetizing shapes of feet, noses, teeth and brains.

5) Gummy Flesh Fries – They even come in a cool french fry box container to make them seem more realistic.

6) Toxic Waste – Incredibly sour candy that will hit you twice over whenever you taste any of the wide variety of flavors.

7) Boo Boo Licks – More gummy candies, but these look like used and bloody band-aids.

8) Gummy Maggots – They come in green apple flavor, no less.

9) Gummy Roadkill – This year’s hottest flavors in stylish raccoon, skunk, squirrel, and opossum shapes complete with tire marks.

10) Rat Traps – These are by far my favorites on the list as the packaging is all that is a trap, but the candy itself is gummy rats. The little rodents look incredibly real with their beady red eyes.

While receiving candy is the fun part for kids, giving it out can be entertaining for adults. So why not have some fun, too, when you see the looks on the kids’ faces? No M&Ms or Milky Ways this year! Give them something gummy and watch for their reactions!


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  1. Who are the people who think of this stuff?


  2. Thanks for writing this post, which is so pleasantly nostalgic for me, since from my very first night of “Trick or Treat!” I’ve always loved everything about Halloween. I still love Halloween to this day, although I don’t think I’d have much success with trick or treating these days – unless I came up with the best Halloween costume disguise ever, that could also disguise my mature male voice, and distract folks from becoming suspicious of my 5′ 11″ height. Lol – I just don’t think that’s ever going to happen… But there’s still adult Halloween costume parties, and yes, it’s also really fun to answer the door, and give the Halloween costumed kids their treats.

    And thanks for posting your great selection of some really great Halloween candies! Too bad that it’s probably too late for me to run out and buy them, but maybe I’ll try anyway! 🙂


    • Glad you enjoyed it! Our house is out in the country. We’ve only had one trick-or-treater in the last eleven years and it was a neighbor kid who hasn’t come back! I assume she focuses her candy-grabbing attention on more densely populated neighborhoods … clever girl.

      Nonetheless, I make sure to have a bowl of candy by my front door each year just in case. Of course, I only buy what I like so any leftovers don’t go to waste. 😉


  3. Love the gummy roadkill! Too funny!


  4. My bag broke one year as well. It was a sad Halloween until my Mom made my brother and sister share some of their candy. They were not happy with me. We give out far more candy now than was given then. I detested those MaryJanes, though some people loved them. My wife is called the Big Candy Bar lady. Kids will tell their friends to come to our us for the large Hershey bars.Trick or treat, BTG


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