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Diatribe: Brad Pitt’s Chanel No5 Advertisement.


In college, more or less on a dare, I entered a poetry contest.  I spent all of twenty minutes writing what I thought was nonsense about the experience of riding in an elevator.  “Staring up while riding down …” is all that I remember about it.  I learned, very quickly, that writing poetry can be very difficult.  While similar to composing lyrics for a song, a poet is free to use words without the additional layer of music, without synchronization or melodic compromise.  A poet often chooses words very carefully … not only for the emotions that they convey but for the sounds that they make and the images that they bring to the mind’s eye.

Poetry can be very esoteric.  It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.  I wonder if Brad Pitt lost a bet when he agreed to appear in this advertisement for Chanel No5.

I’m a longtime fan of Pitt … not only for his work on screen but because of his worldwide philanthropic efforts.  But, I must admit, I don’t understand why he agreed to be the face of this women’s fragrance.  Apparently, he was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld who is the head designer and creative director for Chanel.

Celebrity endorsements of perfume are rarely successful unless their name is actually on the bottle.  Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley and Charlize Theron have all had bad experiences involving endorsements of various perfumes.  I think this commercial, like so many before it, is overly saturated with schlock in a grand attempt to be “artsy”.

It’s not a journey
Every journey ends but we go on
The world turns and we turn with it
Plans disappear, dreams take over
But wherever I go, there you are
My luck, my fate, my fortune
Chanel No5, inevitable

I sure hope he was paid a ton of money to appear in this drivel.  Pitt certainly doesn’t need the money but, hopefully, the more he earns the more he can give away.

The poem that I wrote about elevators actually won a prize.  Not a cash prize, but it was selected to be included in a book of student writings.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so embarrassed about what I had written that I never told a soul.  I still can’t believe that all the other entries were worse than mine.

Maybe they would have been better had Brad Pitt recited them.

What do YOU think of this advertisement?


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  1. The job of advertising is to get notice for the product, and everywhere I turn people are talking Pitt and Chanel, so it’s working.

    My only complaint is that “:everywhere I go” he’s not there.


  2. Considering that he looks almost as good as he did in Legends of the Fall, I don’t really think anyone will notice the drivel…


  3. Will Hensley permalink

    I actually liked the Charlize Theron commercial. The music had a lot of pep. She looked awesome. Brad, on the other hand, looked terrible. The commercial verges on depressing. #epic fail


  4. Travis permalink

    It’s a great move on their part timing wise. Pre-sales for the holidays are going up for them. That said, I enjoy looking at him (they win).


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